Reuse and recycle PET Plastic waste : Be Socially responsible

Reuse and recycle PET Plastic waste : Be Socially responsible

Reuse and recycle the PET Plastic waste

Plastic is everywhere around us. From morning till evening, we are almost wrapped in plastic in some form or the other. And why not, after all, it is comparatively cheap, comes in alluring designs and makes things convenient. Though a lot has been talked about Plastic nuisance, but how about our behavioural change towards the aggregation, which is in a melancholic state? Though many types of Plastics have been stamped “Safe”, like PET plastic.

PET is FDA approved, non toxic, lightweight and is 100% recyclable plastic. Also, it is Inert, i.e. it doesn’t reacts with the materials it comes in contact with and is free of Pthalates, carcinogens and BPA. It is also resistant to attack by micro-organisms. That’s why PET is widely used in as packaging material for food and beverages. To cite examples, water, Soda, Juice, soft drink bottles, food containers. It is also used in Auto parts, boat sails, pillows, and other fillings.

It's time that we decorate our homes, its Christmas. But how about reusing the accumulated Plastic bottles for some crafts? Check some DIY PET plastic craft. We've made JIngle bells out of 2 PET plastic bottles as a Christmas decor. Read and have fun. #christmas #christmasdecor #merrychristmas #decor #jinglebells #DIY #plasticreuse #recycle #PACE

How to identify the plastics?

There are 7 types of Plastics and each have their recycling codes. Look at the bottom side of your containers, PET can be identified by the #1 , quoted in the triangular chasing arrows code. Many times even “PET” is mentioned close to these arrows.

How The Golden Rule of 3 R’s : Is it really an easy-peasy task?

Well, we’ve all heard of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but honestly ask your inner self , as to how many times is it being followed? It’s high time to be responsible towards sustainable environment.

The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief, that someone else will save it ~Robert Swan

Isn’t it? We keep pondering over, why should we start, why should we do, isn’t it? With the way Plastics are chosen over others, its not a fair deal to “mark” them notorious at every step. With a little planning and effort, we can take those baby steps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Let’s talk about “Reuse” : PET Plastic Reuse

The 2nd step of Waste Management is “Reuse”, if you cannot reduce your “Plastic Acquisition” significantly. Be a conscious user and try to Reuse any plastic material you own, rather than mixing them with the trash in a way that they cannot be even used for “Recycling”. 

Reusing them in some way, will automatically reduce the demand of new plastic. Plastic Reuse is a perfect step up from Recycling and protecting our Oceans and Environment.

  • Reuse your plastic pouches, grocery bags. Plastic Grocery bags can be easily used for sorting different types of Garbage, right from your home.
  • If you’re finding it difficult to use, how about donating? Is the Plastic silverware accumulated after the party got over? Help reduce your waste, donate it to places where there is a need for them. Let people reuse instead of buying the new ones.
  • The party is over, and you’re left with multiple PET bottles. Let’s repurpose them rather than disposing into the bin. You can go creative, converting plastic bottles into various DIY projects. It’ll not only save your hard earned money, but also reduce the “New plastic demand”, and thus lessen up more plastic build-up. Festive season is here, and I’m sure you’re decorating and lightening up your homes for Christmas

How about engaging in some DIY with kids?

1. Opt for DIY Jingle bells as a hanging decor. We used 2 scrap bottles to make beautiful bells. It gave us a satisfaction of our small contribution towards Sustainability, and it was a perfect idea to engage with my kid creatively. With few materials, our mom-son DIY project was an instant hit. We’re also crafting many more small decors for Christmas completely out of the stocked PET plastic bottles.

Watch our video here :

It's time that we decorate our homes, its Christmas. But how about reusing the accumulated Plastic bottles for some crafts? Check some DIY PET plastic craft. We've made JIngle bells out of 2 PET plastic bottles as a Christmas decor. Read and have fun. #christmas #christmasdecor #merrychristmas #decor #jinglebells #DIY #plasticreuse #recycle #PACE

2. PET Plastic Bottle Planter is an all time hit. After making the bells, the bottles are in a perfect shape to be used as “Hanging planters”. We’re just left with putting the soil and seeds/plant for that winsome Indoor decor.

3. Left with 2 Lt Oil Cans / Detergent bottles? Well, don’t look out to buy New Plastic watering cans. You simply need to punch holes in the cap of an empty container and you have a new plant watering Can for yourself. You can colour the can as well to give it a newer look.

4. Convert Your Coke/Soda bottle bottoms into simple Desk organizer for yourself or kids.

5. Your “to be trashed” PET Plastic bottle and wooden spoons can easily take the form of a Bird feeder. Take a chance to opt for this easy craft and get close to the beautiful chirping world.

6. Planning to teach kids Financial Literacy? Piggy Bank is a must. Quit buying those Piggy Banks from the market, rather do a DIY of “Piggy Bottle bank”. It will not just encourage kids to save money right from the start, but will also help them know the value of reusing and recycling plastics.

7. Did you know that your Shampoo or Lotion bottle can turn  into a Mobile holder?

Well, its time to ignite your creative instincts. Here are some ideas to help you Reuse your plastic waste. 

Are you doing enough to Recycle ?

Now that you know how to identify PET plastics, let’s be accountable. The beauty of PET is that, it is 100% recyclable. But, crushing and making their space in trash leaves them into the landfills. Remember, they are non – biodegradable.

Its a conscious choice you need to make. Your little effort towards cleaning your Mayo bottle and choosing the “recycling container” for it (rather than trash can), can go a long way in contributing towards sustainable development. All Scrap stores /Scrap dealers, accept PET plastic bottles.

  • Did you know that India produces 900 Kilo tonnes of PET annually and more than 65% of the PET bottles are recycled annually through organized sector? (Basis the report released by NCL and PACE (PET packaging association for clean environment), in 2017).
  • Only 10% of PET is reused at homes
  • PET has a high recyclable value. PET bottles and containers after collection are sorted, cleaned and then shredded into “washed flakes”. These flakes in turn produce products as Polyester Fibre. 
  • R-PET is used to make Clothes, ropes, fibrefill, sleeping bags, carpets, many upholstery items. R-PET can also be mixed with virgin PET to make new PET bottles.
  • Recycling plastics takes 2X less energy to manufacture the final products than making the end products from raw plastics.

Interesting fact : Our Indian cricket team’s apparel for the 2015 world cup was made from recycled PET bottles. Doesn’t that sounds quite responsible?

Time to be socially responsible towards Plastic Waste Management :

The crux is, we need to segregate the plastic waste and collect them in a separate container at house hold level. Don’t wait for your neighbour or relative to start. Post consumption, ensure that they are not loitering around. Try that your plastic consumption, doesn’t ends up in landfills.

Contribute every bit of your’s. No denial of the fact that we are heavily dependant on using PET and reusing and recycling will help our planet breathe with ease. It’s time to  inculcate that social change and responsibility.

It's time that we decorate our homes, its Christmas. But how about reusing the accumulated Plastic bottles for some crafts? Check some DIY PET plastic craft. We've made JIngle bells out of 2 PET plastic bottles as a Christmas decor. Read and have fun. #christmas #christmasdecor #merrychristmas #decor #jinglebells #DIY #plasticreuse #recycle #PACE




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