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Baby Nutrition - Importance of Baby nutrition right from the beginning and why is Baby Staples an apt and complete food for growing babies

We were raised as kids with much focus on nutrition and purity of the food. I saw my mama emphasized on whole grains. She herself used to process them to ensured no adulteration. We had a sprawling garden in the backyard to have a range of fruits & veggies. Growing up in this environment, made me personally love the foods which grew naturally in their season, without any use of chemicals and pesticides.

As we moved from our native place for higher education and corporate jobs, life became too contrasting when it came to nutrition. But this was the way of life and I kept my eyes closed since we were running really fast to make our livelihood.

Venturing in motherhood

Eyes were closed, but not the heart! Entering into motherhood, got my curious mind vigilant again. Being a working mama, I always had the stigma, as in how well could I give nutritious food to my growing baby.

These are the initial formative months, wherein a child grows rapidly. Physical, emotional, social development and yes lots of skills are evolving. A child develops 75% of his brain in the first year of his life. Their immune system develops at a great pace during this time. What matters here is the environment and nutrition we provide to the growing child. A balanced nutrition drives all the progress and enhances a child’s development. This does not mean that we give three apple puree a day to our babies and feel proud of it. This is the time, when we need to experiment a lot to ensure that our babies get a whole range of initial foods and these needs change as the babies grow.

And this is where many of us see ourselves failing and keep the guilt hidden in our hearts and minds forever. As my child was nearing to 6months, I consistently pondered over how to give him varied nutritious and organic food, not packaged or fortified ones. I tried many purees, ancient grains (Quinoa, Millets), clean, healthy and seasonal food I could. But, I vouch, it was all too much time taking and still I was uncertain of what actually went in the vegetables and fruits I used. I’m sure this is not one mom’s dilemma, but thousand’s of mothers looking for such staples for their babies.

Pure beginnings by BabyStaples

Baby Nutrition - Importance of Baby nutrition right from the beginning and why is Baby Staples an apt and complete food for growing babies

We all wish to give organic and real beginnings to our babies, but the scarcity to find one on the shelves remains a challenge. And so a puzzled mama like us ventured out to help other mama’s. BabyStaples is an initiative to help moms raise their kids with right nutrition from the start of life using authentic natural foods. With a varied range of over 22 products for babies and mama’s basis their nutritional requirements, BabyStaples have filled the void shelves.

USP’s of BabyStaples and their range for lovely babies:

  1. They use ancient whole grains as Millets, Amaranth, Quinoa for their products which are nothing more than the best for growing babies.Vast ab=nd varied range of baby food at Baby Staples
  2. To-be mama’s/Mama’s, get ready, you too can relish your nutritious and healthy laddoos from here. Keep your husband’s at bay, else they’ll all be finished! They have a quick range for Prenatal and postpartum stages.
  3. Porridges and most of the powdery foods can be prepared instantly, hence a big time saver for working mama’s like me.
  4. They use the technique of dehydrating and grinding the food with modern methods, ensuring the nutrition and taste.
  5. Their foods have no additional Salt/sugar/preservative and they have the taste of natural fruits/veggies. The real taste, as they have real fruits in them. You can mix and match various flavours to give your child a whole panorama of delicacies.
  6. No Refined flours and no GMO grains, a big plus.
  7. Even for toddlers, preschoolers and schoolers, you can use their specific powders to make Pizza, cakes, cookies, cutlets, waffles, Pancakes and so on. Isn’t that amazing, Junk replaced by something healthy?Organic non refined flours to make Cookies and cakes, yummy and healthy for kids
  8. With every box, they have recipe pamphlets and with those pure flours you can make other interesting options as Sweet idli’s, Salsa sauce, Tomato soup for a healthy family.
  9. BPA free Packagings, Travel packs for travelling families also available.
  10. They are not even pricey and their products are available to buy at a normal range. Check them out.

Aren’t they amazing with their promises? Their foods promise to be as pure as a mama’s love.

Advantages of organic /pure foods and whole grains which you will experience with BabyStaples :

  1. Full of more nutrition and fibres compared to its non-organic forms.
  2. Absence of toxins, pesticides, chemicals, additives, meaning less of adulteration in the blood and body cells. This means a growing baby and a recovering mum will be less prone to diseases and shall have a better immunity.
  3. Better taste : I can vouch that. The heavenly taste and fragrance of organic & pure produce is something your baby will love instantly.
  4. Whole foods prevent many diseases and are rich in amino acids, Iron, Zinc and many other important minerals.

So, Let the joyous beginning be full of purity, love, smiles and happiness. This festive season, raise and gift babies and mama’s with something pure, home made and organic.

Pure Beginnings , Pure Love! Cherish Motherhood and your healthy growing baby with the love of BabyStaples!

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