Safety measures for kids at KidZania

Safety : A prime motive!

Safety at KidZania


Recent instances about security of kids has really placed a question mark on many Play zones, Schools. We, as parents need to be fully aware of the security measures a place has, wherein we leave our kids, be it for fun or for schooling. The world is indeed not a safe place anymore and “Security” is a must for us to audit.

Amongst all the news spreading across pertaining to kids security at schools and play zones, we went to KidZania last Sunday and really had to appreciate the measures they have taken for kids safety.

KidZania, a fun-learning kids zone, has more than 18 years of experience in running safe and secure edutainment Theme parks for children & families all around the world. With 24 facilities in 19 countries spread across Americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, Middle East and Asia, KidZania is the leading Global Edutainment Brand.

And I was glad to see the security measures, which made a mom really happy!

Safety and Security

I found the activities to be safe, educational and rewarding. KidZania is an indoor, temperature controlled place with high quality air monitoring and filtration systems. They have developed a state-of-the-art, comprehensive and integrated security system at KidZania that encompasses:

KidZania Safety measures

a) Controlled Access

All entry & exit points are access controlled and manned by KidZania security personnel. A team of professional and highly trained guards are available in various parts of the city, including: entrance, emergency exit and strategic places. There is also a safety and security officer onsite at all times to ensure safety inside.

b) RFID Security bracelets

KidZania Safety measures

Visitors receive a bracelet to wear around their wrist with a radio frequency antenna and an identification chip installed. The bracelet can only be removed by their employees with parental or guardian authorization through a specialized system at the end of their visit. The RFID bracelet also helps parents and teachers to track and locate each kid inside KidZania and drop messages for them, as well. These bracelets are assigned in groups as they come in, so a child cannot exit if an adult or the whole party is not present. This safety aspect ensures schools and parents, that their children are safe at all times.

c) Highly trained team

KidZania Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the safety of children.  All Supervisors undergo an intensive and extensive training program [as I checked with them], including early childhood training that helps them know how to handle a child in different situations. 

d) CCTV cameras

The complete zone is monitored by several hundred’s of CCTV cameras, which are placed in strategic locations across the centre. They also have a video recording system for future reference. Further, the zone is built in a way that parents and teachers get to observe the children participating in the various activities within the establishment via glass walling.

e) First-Aid Center

KidZania Safety measures

They have a dedicated, fully qualified first aid center inside the city. In addition, even their frontline employees are trained in the provision of first-aid and carry basic medical kits with them at all times.

Additional Safety and Security considerations:

  • Every KidZania is designed to conform or exceed local and international Safety & Security regulations.
  • They have stringent manuals regarding Safety and Security to ensure that visitors, staff are safe and secure at all times and that all precautions have been considered related to emergency situations.
  • From the design stage, CCTV system is centralized and controlled from a secured control room, in which all signals from CCTV cameras, Public address system, fire alarms and access/exits are controlled.
  • Restrooms: Internal elements of the restrooms help to be aware of safety aspects. One of these is the height of the toilets partition, which must allow to see if no more than one person is inside. Though CCTV coverage cannot be considered within toilets, every toilet is fixed with one at the entry & exit to determine who has used it and at what time, incase of any such requisite.

I checked out personally all these systems and hence thought to share my views here. Safety of kids is prime and their should be not a single loophole left in the schools and play zones.

Reach out to Kidzania and let kids play and learn with their interesting activities. I shall be covering an entire post on their activities for kids soon.

Till then, Be Safe! 

[This is a sponsored post, but I was happy to vouch these measures in person with my kid and found it imperative to give it a mention. For me, Safety of my child is far above than other activity.]


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  1. Manish

    Wow, this is amazing. Would love to send my kid to such a secure and safe place. Good work people

  2. tarun gupta

    Really innovative idea. Security bands can help in prevent such incidents we have seen these days. Seeking some more techno-ideas like this

    1. Jhilmil

      Actually Tarun. Many zones need to learn from them and implement. Thanks

  3. Rimjhim

    That’s so alert and safe of Kidzania group…so very important in today’s time.
    Very different in concept and fun filled programs for kids…awesome place to visit..esp for kids

    1. Jhilmil

      Yes, it is, have you taken your kids there? If not, it is the right time. Thanks

  4. Family on the wheels

    Parenting is a round o clock job . Such safety measures surely gives a reassurance that our kid will be safe .

    1. Jhilmil

      Yes, we need such measures. Thanks

  5. Priyanka

    Kidzania has a lovely concept, since security is must towards kids for every parent. Good to know such a detailed version of security.

  6. Barkha

    Yes, I must agree for Kidzania..they have good security. Shall take my both kids there soon

    1. Jhilmil

      Great to know that. I shall post a detailed post on activities at KidZania. Stay Tuned! Thanks

  7. Amila

    Kidzania is a great place for kids to experience role play activities.Even in Singapore Kidzania,they have lot of security measures.Hope your kid enjoyed the visit to Kidzania…

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s the best part, their standards across the countries are nearly same and really good. We loved visiting there! Thanks

  8. margsstu

    This sounds like a really great and safe place for children! I am sure you felt your children were very safe here!

    1. Jhilmil

      Ya, that’s what a mum wanter for her kids, to be safe and their measures were amazing.

    1. Jhilmil

      Indeed it is a great place to be at!

  9. Familyearthtrek

    Yes! Sometimes I do feel unsafe goig somewhere with my daughter and it is sometimes hard to keep an eye on her all the time so I would love to spend some times at Kidzania so my daughter could have fun where I dont need to worry.

    1. Jhilmil

      Ya that is what i felt and even when cases of security lapses are coming up. Such places give a huge sense of satisfaction to parents! Thanks

  10. Anna

    Wow. Such a thorough investigation of their security. If course, you can’t be too careful with little ones!

    1. Jhilmil

      There has been numerous cases wherein Kids have suffered due to security lapse. And when I went here the state of art infra and safety they had, it prompted me to share it to all. thanks

  11. Sondra

    The number of safety protocols and efforts put into this place would make any parent feel safe when dropping their child off!

    1. Jhilmil

      Exactly, I felt so relieved of this! Thanks

  12. Ana Ojha

    The safety of kids is most important these days. I really liked there state-of-infrastructure and security measures to make parents feel safe when they are leaving their kids in Kidzania premises!

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s really true and this itself forced me to show their infra full of safety for kids. Thanks Anamika!

  13. Anurag

    Well done Kidzania in coming out wid a much required Safety environment for Kids..wud surely help in making Parents feel safe abt their kids

    1. Jhilmil

      Indeed that would help parents, Anurag! Thanks

  14. Sreekar Harinatha

    Nice to see kids learning safety issues that we so often overlook giving importance to only toys! Kudos!

  15. Bhumi

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing this:)

  16. Lyka

    Good to hear that they’re making the kids’ safety a priority! More infrastructures should be mindful of it especially if they are a “children-friendly” environment.

  17. Toni

    This is awesome! My husband is always concerned with safety and I know if he were to visit he would be at ease. Thanks for sharing!

  18. aradhana

    This sounds a safe place for kids. Safety should be the priority. Other things can be compromised but not safety.

  19. Laura Dove

    Oh wow well done Kidzania! I’ve heard some amazing things about this place and I love that safety is so high in their priorities! I would so love to visit here!

  20. lucicoo

    Great post. That’s great that they have so much security and have a first aid center.


    We have been to Kidzania. It’s great fun there and the children also wore those security bracelets. You can never be too careful these days and for me safety is a priority.

  22. Bhanu

    Me and my behalf also worries about schools admissions after seen news on one of schools security and management.
    But after seen this article that a play zone is that much concern about kids security and providing bracelet for kids to track them, which is appreciable.
    KidZania providing world class facilities and security in every department which is great. But they have to ensure to maintain the same in future also.
    Schools and play zones are first step for a kid to understand how to grow in this complicated planet ? so we dont want any single flaw in this.

  23. ojandcigs

    This place sounds amazing! So safe, and family-friendly. I wonder if there’s one in South Florida.

  24. kalliamanika

    WOW! This must be a great way of keeping the kiddos safe! Loved your detailed article. If we ever have kids, I would love to visit Kidzania, they seem very well versed on the security aspect!

  25. alisonrost

    This is wonderful! I wish they would have had something like Kidzania when my kids were little. It seems like they’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to safety and fun for the kids. I’ll have to tell my daughter about this. Hopefully they have one close to where she lives. My grandsons would have so much fun! x

  26. Ophelia T

    This place sounds and looks very prepare to make sure the kids have fun and be safe. Thank for sharing your review.

  27. Ana De Jesus

    Amen to creating more measures to ensure that kids are kept safe and I like that they use stringent materials! It is great that you got to check Kidzania out personally too.

  28. Ola Broom

    The safety of children is indeed of prime importance. I really like the idea of the RFID security bracelets. I should check to see if they sell them where I live.

  29. toastycritic

    That’s crazy the amount of security and safety people they have there. I don’t even think Disneyland had that much the last time I was there. It does but still places that are this small usually do not. That’s so good that they keep the child’s safety in mind so much.

  30. Stuart Brazell

    This place looks really wonderful! I will share this article with my friends who have kids!

  31. Yukti

    Children’s safety is the biggest criteria for any parent. I must say Kidzania has done lots of safety measure buy installing CCTv’s everywhere. I liked the introduction of RFID band system. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Jiya B

    I would love to visit Kidszania. I am so hapy to see as they are trying and taking all care for safety and security of our kids. Thanks for sharing this lovely information with me.

  33. sonya

    This is so great to know in the event we stumble upon this place during our family travels!

  34. Rinku

    One of the best way of security and safety for our kids
    Excellent kidzania

  35. Joanna

    It sounds like they have taken a lot of measures to make sure that the children are safe while playing at Kidzania. A first aid point is so important in any playground, you never know when an accident can happen and the children need medical attention straight away.

  36. Shell

    I never heard of this place but will definitely look to see if we have one near us. I really appreciate all the security they have to keep our kiddos safe…

  37. Elizabeth O

    Wow!! This is such a nicest place for kids. Will definitely share this to my friends.

  38. Julia

    Oh wow those RFID bracelets are such a great idea and I’m sure a really effective way in helping to ensure the safety of the children. Such a great post!

  39. Shelbi

    I have traveled a ton and work with travel clients daily and I have never heard of these! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Dash | Mode Lily

    Safety is so important, isn’t it! We just have to be so careful with the little ones!

  41. nbosken

    Kidzania really seems like a place made for children. I love how much training that the staff has to have. It is really important that they understand children.

  42. Ankita Arya

    Great place for kids! Technology is making amazing innovations about security measures in schools. A sure help for parents to leave their kids. 🙂

  43. Simply Apostolia

    Safety is the Number One issue in parenting! I know i’m not a mom yet to feel this, but I imagine having your kids on other people hand it’s kinda risky… Though I see Kidzania stuff took the whole “security” thing to another level and this is such a great thing for every parent that trust their kids to these people. That’s so great for Kidzania!

  44. Aditya

    I am not into marriage type and all. But few of my friends are married and by reading it, i can pretty much feel that this is good place. If anyone asks I will surely share your blog.

  45. Blair Villanueva

    Oh your post reminds me of the recent incident in Kidzania Manila, were something falls from the ceiling and hit a boy’s head. The response time of the in-house paramedic are so slow and terrible aa the news said.
    All they just said is that, it is first time something happened inside the facility. And seems they are not trained to assist. Very poor.

    1. Jhilmil

      That was sad, I never saw any such incident though here.

  46. Adam Martin

    The information is good. Saftey is most important and emergancy card and tag is also useful it provides all information and that is useful in critical situation.

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