Saw Palmetto for Men and Women!

Did you know the benefits of Saw palmetto in keeping the Prostate healthy and recovering Male Baldness? Read here to know Saw Palmetto berry benefits in Men and Women #SawPalmetto #Dietarysupplement #Zenith #Zenithnutrition #prostate #baldness #hairloss

What Is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto [Serenoa repens] is a fan palm , growing in the form of a shrub and it can reach a height of max. Warm climates are best suitable for its growth and it is native of West indies and few other Asian countries as well. In US, it grows along South Carolina to throughout Florida. This plant has extremely long life and some live for even 700 years. It bears abundant 2cm long berries, and these berries are harvested , dried and then used for medicinal purposes.

Many studies have been conducted related to Saw Palmetto and its medicinal use, while some benefits have been scientifically proved, some have been claimed basis multiple testimonies from the people who have used them.

What are Saw Palmetto berries used for?

A little science behind the working of Saw palmetto on the Prostate and Enzyme secretion:

Saw palmetto has shown significant improvement in Male health when to Prostate. Testosterone is a hormone which is present in both men and women, but majorly it is steroidal Male hormone and is responsible for many active body regulations. Men face the issue when testosterone levels decrease and results in hormonal imbalance.

Testosterone, when combines with an enzyme  – 5-alpha reductase, results in the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Normal level of DHT are healthy for specific male characteristics but an increased level of DHT in the body results in many problems in men. problems like Prostate enlargement, baldness, impact on muscle mass, lesser immunity and few more. Here comes the role of Saw palmetto, which inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha reductase and thus lessens the DHT production from Testosterone.

Supplemental Forms :

You can buy saw palmetto in many supplemental forms, like capsules from Zenith Nutrition, a leader in Vegan Dietary Supplements from Amazon. Not just the prices are highly competitive, they also have a great focus on safety and product effectiveness. To add on, they also have a GMP certification granted which assures proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Hence they are safe to use, after your medical practitioner agrees for the supplement.

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Did you know the benefits of Saw palmetto in keeping the Prostate healthy and recovering Male Baldness? Read here to know Saw Palmetto berry benefits in Men and Women #SawPalmetto #Dietarysupplement #Zenith #Zenithnutrition #prostate #baldness #hairloss

Benefits of Saw palmetto Extract in Men:

1.Prevents Prostate Cancer :

Prostate cancer is one of the leading Cancer in males. And the initiation of this can be seen when the prostate gets enlarged than normal as the man’s age progresses. This is commonly referred as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, or Enlarged Prostate (it is a type of gland found only in males). Saw palmetto extract reduces the Prostate enlargement, since it reduces the production of enzyme 5-alpha reductase which in turn keeps the DHT level under control. And hence the Prostate enlargement can be controlled in the initial stage itself.

2. Strengthens Urinary organs :

It is said that the multiple components in the Saw Palmetto berries helps to strengthen the urinary organs  to prevent incontinence as these organs weaken with the age. Also, it is said to help in Kidney stone cases.

3. Maintains Testosterone levels :

Since Saw palmetto inhibits the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, the normal levels of Testosterone are maintained in the body. This in turn helps in retaining strength, better immune system, reduction in hair loss, improved fertility and sexual drives. Due to the lifestyles, it has been observed that an average male of 30 years has 20-25% less testosterone compared to few years back. And hence it is important to maintain this hormone.

4. Baldness :

DHT has a great role in triggering hair loss, and hence it also proves as to why baldness is more common in men compared to women. (Women have less testosterone). In a normal hair cycle of growing, resting and shedding, one can expect a loss of 100 strands/day. 

But then, many of us are not that lucky, and one starts to see their scalp from the hair, which signifies either the hair thinning or poor growth of replacement hair. Saw palmetto, does not directly stimulates growth, but it hinders the DHT production, which in turn helps reducing the negative influence on hair follicles. DHT attaches to hair follicle receptors and shrinks them. And that’s how this herb helps by reducing and blocking DHT to attach from the follicle receptors and helps in the process of hair growth take its natural cycle. Many hair loss medications involve addition of  Zinc, Folic acid, Vitamin B complex to aid in getting hair back along with Saw palmetto.

5. Increases Muscle Mass :

Though direct impact of Saw Palmetto to enhance the muscle mass is yet debatable and awaits to be proven scientifically, many people have claimed its direct relation. Hence many people with serious gym activities have started using Saw Palmetto as a dietary and workout supplement. 

Benefits of Saw Palmetto for Women :

1. Helps Fighting Loss of Scalp hair and strengthens the hair follicles.

2. Hirsutism / Blocks the overproduction of testosterone:

Those women who have enhanced levels of testosterone may develop excessive hair in men areas like face, abdomen, arms. Saw palmetto helps in decelerating this process of excess hair growth (It would not reduce the existing excess hair). In female body, it blocks overproduction of Testosterone and hence in retaining female characters.

3. Acne :

DHT, which also causes hair loss/Hirsutism, can also enhance the production of sebum (oil from the oil glands). The more oil production, more clogging of the pores, which results in acne and blackheads. hence Saw palmetto reduces DHT and hence it can also help lowering the acne.

4. Easy Mensuration :

Though not exactly proved, but Saw Palmetto is said to ease up menstrual cramps and more regular.

5. Digestion and Weight gain :

Saw Palmetto berries contain oils with a variety of fatty acids. It is said that using Saw Palmetto as Dietary supplement, increases the food cravings, as it improves digestion and enables the body to absorb nutrients in the food in a much better way.

Avoid Using this herb under some of the circumstances as :

  • Pregnancy/nursing
  • Since it has hormone blocking property, hence avoid intake while you are on any Hormone Therapy 
  • Never take saw palmetto when scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure, since it delays Blood clotting
  • If you have high blood pressure or are taking medication that may affect your blood pressure
  • People having some health issues wrt heart, lungs, liver, stomach should use Saw Palmetto with caution.
  • Not for Children

*Word of Caution

Saw palmetto seems to have a great impact on overall health, more so in men’s but it can also have slight side effects. It  can negatively interact with Blood thinners prostate medication and in other serious conditions, so do consult your doctor before adding dietary supplements to your routine. Some other Side effects may be nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea. For females, some reports show that saw palmetto may cause breast tenderness or enlargement. Before you use any herb, first consult with a knowledgeable medical practitioner even if simply taken as a dietary supplement.

This post is based on research done and multiple articles read on internet. Yet the effect may vary from body to body. Author of this post is not a Medical practitioner and hence any Dietary supplement should not be taken just on behalf of reading this post.*


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