Signs of Vitamin deficiency in kids

Vitamin Deficiency in Kids, you need to be aware as a Parent!

Free of all those poops, burping’s and baby wearing? Are you really thinking that you have an easier life to live now being a parent? Well, no! Every stage of Kids growth needs special attention from us, some times, it can be an emotional requirement, while other times it could be nutritional requirements. While a lot focus is being given to Proteins, Parents usually forget the 5 Basic food groups which need to be given to kids “daily”.

Recently, I met a mom, who was doing rounds of clinic visit’s only to witness “Anaemia” for her 8 yo daughter. And the cause was Vitamin B-12 deficiency, which resulted in the depletion of RBC’s and thus she became anaemic.

With the rise of consumption of varied non-nutritional foods, changes in choices and lifestyles, Nutritional deficiencies are becoming quite popular in kids. But if they are caught early, remedies are much easier. This post is a step towards “Aware parenting”.

Raising healthy kids needs to be the priority!

Are kids being picky and not eating the right diet? DOn;t give away their tantrums as they might get Vitamin Deficient. Read all what you need to know as a parent about Vitamin deficiencies in kids. Happy Parenting #Parenting #awareness #vitamin #vitamindeficiency #scurvy #strawberrytoungue #scarletfever #immunity #kids #healthykids #raisingkids

Here are most important Vitamin’s that your child might not be getting enough :

1. Vitamin D :

Growing bones need sufficient amount of Vitamin D. These days kids are overtly covered up, sitting on their couches, with least exposure to sunlight. Kids are spending lesser times outdoor, and this in turn is welcoming serious Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is produced in the human skin when the cholesterol (7-dehydrocholesterol) is exposed to UV-B rays of sunlight. So, lesser the Sun exposure, lesser will be the Vitamin D3 production. The impact of deficiency is observed over the time. 

Did you know that more than 50% Indians are deficient in Vitamin D?

With limited Food resources rich in Vitamin D, it is a high time that Kids (and even adults) spend good time outdoors (morning rays are the best). Vegetables and grains are not rich in Vitamin D. Other resources are  Fortified foods and supplements.

2. Vitamin B12 :

Vitamin B-12 plays an important part in your child’s development and aids in the functioning of their nervous system and their brain. If your child suffers from low levels of vitamin B-12 it may result in a strawberry tongue or anaemia.

Various developmental delays, neurological issues, weakness, delayed speech, attention span, can be a result of Vitamin B deficiency. Every cell in our body needs Vitamin B12 and hence we need to be aware that kids are getting sufficient B Complex. More so B12 deficiency is very common in Vegetarians, hence one should focus on Milk and Milk Products, Fortified cereals, Yeast, Eggs for the same. 

3. Vitamin A :

Vitamin A is important for a good vision, and in keeping skin, bones, teeth healthy. It also keeps Immune System strong. As per Healthline, about 50% of preschool kids are Vitamin A deficient in many developing countries. Vitamin A deficiency is a major cause of blindness. Its deficiency may also lead to many infections and delayed growth in kids. If corrected at the right time with natural resources, Vitamin A deficiency can be treated easily.

Sources as Carrots, Sweet potato , Green Leafy veggies, Milk are rich in Vitamin A. Make sure that kids intake the required quantity in their diets daily.

Read few tips to make your child eat healthy food.

4. Vitamin C :

Are kids being picky and not eating the right diet? DOn;t give away their tantrums as they might get Vitamin Deficient. Read all what you need to know as a parent about Vitamin deficiencies in kids. Happy Parenting #Parenting #awareness #vitamin #vitamindeficiency #scurvy #strawberrytoungue #scarletfever #immunity #kids #healthykids #raisingkids

Our body naturally doesn’t makes Vitamin C, and thus we need to be ensure right intake of Vitamin C. It is important for growing children for their tissue, bone, teeth health and even for brain development. Vitamin C enhances Iron absorption and we know that iron is an essential component of RBC.

Its deficiency results in a condition called Scurvy (bleeding gums and wounds). It also reduces the immunity and kids are frequently attacked by viruses and bacteria’s resulting in colds, cough and infections. Weakness, dizziness, impact on skin and hair, bruises, muscle pains are some of the other resultants of Vitamin C deficiency.

There are enough Natural foods rich in Vitamin C as Oranges, Bell peppers, Guava, Leafy veggies, Kale, Strawberries. Follow the RDA of Vitamin C for different age groups.

Let not the deficiency progress, Kids might be picky eaters, but it is you who need to ensure some or the other interesting way to ensure that sufficient RDA of various Vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and Fats are given to children.

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