Snacking the healthy way

The need of Healthy Snacking

In this speeding life, we are all propelled to get through our goals. Amidst all this hush hush affair, at times “Health” takes a back seat. Not just to blame the lifestyle, the loss of purity of many natural foods has led to ample nervous and immune reactions from our body. While munching and snacking in the bus, cab, office, is common sight, sometimes, we miss out on the real necessity of snacking. We ignore healthy snacking, which can actually be a powerhouse.

Do you know that healthy snacking at the right time, with right snacks can really boost metabolism, curb unnecessary cravings, regulate the energy and mood, help in weight balance ?

Nutrition is a key to healthy and active living. Invest more in small frequent meals rather than 2 or 3 big meals a day to ensure your health and weight goals. In context to Indian diets, the big meal portions usually do not provide the actual dietary recommendations. These big meals are usually rich in carbs but they lack proteins, all essential amino acids and Micro nutrients. Hence eating small and frequent (2-3 hours) healthy snacks can help you up that “nutrition” quotient that your body has been longing for.

Healthy Snacking is the new mode of life. It is must to consume healthy snacks between the meals rather than the unhealthy oily food to have better metabolism and healthy life. So here is the review of Healthy snacks, puff's, crispy's from The Green Snack co. #kale #healthysnacks #snacking #healthy #wellness #lifestyle #puffs

What do we keep as snacks?

Fresh-cut fruits, Granola bars, soaked nuts (almonds – walnut-peanuts), mixed sprouts are indeed great snacking options. But I’m sure your cravings for some spicy puffs will lead you to that “unhealthy munching”. This gap in the healthy snacking gave birth to “The Green Snack Co.”, who are passionate to give snacking a healthy touch with their authentic and delicious flavours to soothe our taste buds. Clubbing these healthy snacks with the powerhouse of nuts and fruits can be the best combination in our active lifestyles.

Let’s Snack healthily :  The Green Snack Co

Recently, I received products from The Green Snack Co for an honest feedback. I was way too excited to know about their “Healthy Snacking” mission. It seemed the right choice to pamper my 3 year old with his favourite puffs and crips. My mission of giving him a healthy life was always on a guilt, when I used to find a packet of “Unhealthy snack” in his hands with the buzz of yummy. And The Green Snack Co, gave me the best choice to weed out those munchies into healthier ones.

Snacks range :

They have 3 major Product categories, with multiple flavours in these variants :

1. Kale Crisps

2. Quinoa Puffs

3. 6 Grain Stix

Did you know that theses crips and puffs are not fried and nor baked? They are roasted to keep the nutritional balance intact along with the deliciousness and crispy texture.

Kale Crisps :

Kale or leaf cabbage are a nutritional powerhouse and it is one of the healthiest and nutrition dense plant. It is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, K, Calcium, Potassium, Omega 3- fatty acid. Since it is a green leafy vegetable, it is loaded with really high quantity of antioxidants. Kale is known for reducing the cholesterol in the body, which in turn is must for our “Heart health”. Further, Kale is loaded with compounds which have proved their effectiveness (yet under research in humans, but proved in animal study) against dreaded disease as Cancer. Dark leafy vegetables are must for Brain health.

Kale Crisp”, neither baked, nor fried, but made of dehydrated Kale leaves(to ensure its nutrients), seems to be a must in your snacking bag.

Kale Crsips comes with 3 exquisite flavours to tantalise our taste buds :

  • Cheese & Onion
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar
  • Thai Sweet Chili

So pick your variant, whether it is for the richness of cheddar cheese or your love forACV and Sea-Salt or for that perfect creamy pepper and chillies Thai taste. Try all and you’ll have a new fascination for healthy snacks.

2. Quinoa Puffs :

Healthy Snacking is the new mode of life. It is must to consume healthy snacks between the meals rather than the unhealthy oily food to have better metabolism and healthy life. So here is the review of Healthy snacks, puff's, crispy's from The Green Snack co. #kale #healthysnacks #snacking #healthy #wellness #lifestyle #puffs

The calls of “Puff’s”, makes heads turn for most of us and all the more for kids. How about treating kids with Quinoa Puffs having the goodness of 6 super grains : Quinoa, Amaranth, Ragi, Soya, Rice, Maize? A gluten free, high in protein, dietary fibres, B-vitamins, Iron, Calcium, antioxidants, Quinoa is one of the magical grain. Amarnath, Ragi, Soya needs no separate quotations here on their healthy compositions.

Did you know that Quinoa (Super grain of the future) is one of that plant, which has all 9 essential amino acids?

So, grab on the bites of Quinoa Puff’s with the flavours as :

  • Saucy salsa
  • Peppy Cheese
  • Zesty kale
  • Fiery Spice

3. Grain Stix :

Six super grains- Oats, Ragi, Soya, Sorghum, Maize and Rice are blended and roasted to provide this nutritious treat. These grains makes these stix super rich in proteins, B-Vitamins, antioxidants, fibres.

Grain Six are out with 3 flavours, with only 99 calories, for you to snack upon :

  • Tangy pickle , for the perfect Indian
  • Smokey Barbeque
  • Cheesy Jalapeno

Added benefits of healthy snacks from Green Snack Co :

  1. Completely made from natural ingredients (even the flavours are made of natural ingredients)
  2. No added preservative, No artificial flavour
  3. All Roasted to preserve Natural ingredients (Not baked , Not Fried)
  4. Gluten free and cholesterol free, so it comes as a treat for all
  5. No Trans fat, No added MSG
  6. Quinoa Puff’s and Grain Stix are high in dietary fibres
  7. Comes in travel friendly sizes and Kale crisps comes with zip seal option to retain the same crispy texture to snack on later once opened.

Healthy Snacking is the new mode of life. It is must to consume healthy snacks between the meals rather than the unhealthy oily food to have better metabolism and healthy life. So here is the review of Healthy snacks, puff's, crispy's from The Green Snack co. #kale #healthysnacks #snacking #healthy #wellness #lifestyle #puffs

So the dream comes true that a “healthy food” can also be absolutely delicious, spicy and flavourful. Get your choice of Healthy snacks from The Green Snack Co. or you can buy it from amazon or even from Bigbasket.

My favourites have been undoubtedly Kale crisps, The peppy cheesy Puff and Smokey Barbeque Grain Stix! And this family is adding up more of the flavours. What about you?

Make healthy, guilt free snacking a choice towards a better life!




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  1. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    What a wonderful post, much needed at this hour of junk snacking. It is good to know about these healthy snacks which will keep us munching as well as healthy. I like puffs like most of us do. I don’t mind munching those Quinoa Puffs 😉

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Priyal

    This is really good to know about this healthy snacks specially for our kids so that they will be away from that junk food. And start having this yummy healthy snacks Thanks for sharing:- )

  3. Mrinal

    I eat healthy all day long but end up munching on all unhealthy stuffs during night! This will definitely be a lot of help! ?

  4. jhilmildsaha

    I am getting so tempted to try those quinoa puffs. Its amazing that they have introduced so many flavours. Snacking has never been so healthy before

  5. Prerna Sinha

    Kale is very good for health. So I think making your kids eat kale chips would be great choice as it would help cleanse the toxins from the body.

  6. Silja Nair

    Its very good that creative people in food field also trying to create something healthy for todays gen. Otherwise kids totally depend on junk food only. Yummy healthy snacks

  7. Akanksha Goel

    These are such healthy and amazing options not just great for kids but also fabulous for adults. My son always wants crisps etc and I think I should introduce these healthy ones to him.

  8. Snehalata Jain

    Truly they are really healthy snack, even i prefer such ones while traveling

  9. Nisha

    In between meals, when hunger pangs strike, I go rush to snacks. But having healthy snacks is as important as having healthy meals. Thanks for reviewing this great snacking option.

  10. This is healthy snacking on the go. Often when I am reading I end up ordering junk food or eating biscuits or chips. This looks like a wonderful option.

  11. Humaira

    Amazing Green Snack Co. Products. Great collections of healthy snacks. These snacks are so nutritious and healthy. Great thoughts.

  12. Mummasaurus

    honestly these do look very healthy with quinoa and kale and other superfoods! thanks for sharing all the details.

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