Summer protection tips for Toddlers and Kids

Keeping baby cool in Hot weather – Summer Protection Tips!

Summers are close by, are you aware of summer protection tips for your toddlers and kids? Are you looking for an answer to How to keep babies cool in summer, then read here. #summer #summerskincare #summerandbabies #sunprotection #protectkids

Scorching summers are on their way, with every slice of global warming, the raising temperatures are showing their “unscrupulous attitudes”. I still remember the way we used to roam around in full summers few years back and if today someone asks for a small walk, even a 300 mts stretch looks like a km with nearly zero stamina in that sunny afternoon. Hence, summer protection ideas are a must read now.

The impact of sun’s UV rays are more harmful for our subtle babies, toddlers and small kids, as their skin is way more sensitive than ours and can be at the risk of sunburns. We all do need sun rays, to get ample Vitamin D, which helps in calcium absorption and thus is very important for the Bone density. And babies should get that sun exposure. But those are the morning sun rays to which a child should be exposed.

Avoid the “Strongest Rays of the day”, which is usually between 10am – 4pm.

And this is the time, wherein we, as parents, need to protect our little munchkins from the side effects of excess heat.

Summer Protection Tips for babies :

1. Hydration :

Summers are close by, are you aware of summer protection tips for your toddlers and kids? Are you looking for an answer to How to keep babies cool in summer, then read here. #summer #summerskincare #summerandbabies #sunprotection #protectkids

Babies get dehydrated faster compared to adults because of their smaller body weights and higher consumption of water and electrolytes. They basically drain their energies too faster and thus keeping kids hydrated needs attention. Babies who are less than 6m and are exclusively breastfed, do not need any extra water or juices. Read why water should not be given to babies less than 6m old.

But toddlers and growing kids need ample of liquids in small durations. Water, coconut water, buttermilk, lemon – mint water, glucose, fresh fruit juices, lassi, should be a part of their routines. Apart from water, try to give atleast 2-3 of these liquids in a day to your child. They are refreshing and helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body. Perfect dose for summer protection.

2. Summer protective clothing :

Forget those lacy, frilly, thick, synthetic dresses in summers for kids. It is more prime to keep them cool rather than making kids look trendy. Do not try to over protect the baby with multiple layers and caps during summers. A thin pure loose cotton dress, shorts, work wonders. Pure cotton or muslin cloth has the property to absorb the sweat our body produces and ushers a cooling effect to our body.

Also, try to make kids wear light colours, more closer to white , since white colour reflects the heat , and black absorbs the heat. Remember, Lighter the cooler! You can get light coloured quality fabric Kids t-shirts from Shoppers stop. They have a great collection for a soft touch in these summers. 

Try avoiding exposure from 10am -4pm, if needed, make sure that kids have worn full sleeved cotton clothes so that their skin exposure from direct sun rays can be avoided.

3. Shower & Pool Time :

Summers are close by, are you aware of summer protection tips for your toddlers and kids? Are you looking for an answer to How to keep babies cool in summer, then read here. #summer #summerskincare #summerandbabies #sunprotection #protectkids

Avoid that outdoot play during the peak sunny hours (10-4) and instead utilize them for fun at home.

Well summers are heaven for that most wanted “Water play” for kids. Allow them to have those few moments of water play daily in the afternoon. Nothing can be better to keep them entertained in the bath tubs or pool or shower in summers. It helps them cool their body temperatures and even a cranky toddler will feel amazed after that much needed bubble bath.

Why not have some daily water play with kids, so that the fun and cooling the body goes hand in hand. Here are some Summer play ideas for kids.

Shower them in lukewarm water and avoid hot water, even for a few months old baby. Further, try not to use soap on baby skin, as the chemicals in soap do no good to them. You can prepare home made cleansers/ very mild baby soaps. Add some rose-water in the water for the freshness and fragrance.

Incase you plan to take kids to nearby pool, do not forget to take sunscreen, water sunglasses, trunks, water bottle. If your child wears diapers, take along swimming nappies. Water is the best therapy for summer protection.

4. Nappy Free time :

Its hot, the body sweats and a baby indeed wants to be set open and free. Once your baby is relieved of the routine poo and pee, remove the nappy or diapers and place babies on the cotton sheet having an absorbent layer. Try to give them more of this nappy free time, to allow their bodies to become dry. It also prevents rashes.

5. Mosquitoes and Bugs :

Mosquitoes, bugs thrive on hot weather and as the temperature soars, their activity rises. So, during summers, it is very important to protect babies and kids from those bites. Wearing full and light coloured clothes helps to protect from mosquito bites. There are many kid’s friendly repellents (ranging from cloth roll on to body roll on, natural body patches) in market these days. Ensure to apply natural and organic repellents only for kids.

Also, ensure that the surroundings are clean and are not a ground for mosquito breeding.

6. Food :

Summers are close by, are you aware of summer protection tips for your toddlers and kids? Are you looking for an answer to How to keep babies cool in summer, then read here. #summer #summerskincare #summerandbabies #sunprotection #protectkids

I remember last year, when for 10-12 days my child became a supper fussy eater. It felt that his appetite had been snatched away. But gradually I realized that it was happening with all of us and the rising temperatures were to be blamed.

Kids are very active, they lose their energies but at the same time don’t wish to eat in summers. So, it becomes tricky for parents. Without much thought, add up the necessary liquids to their daily routine. Have more of fruits as in melons, berries, mangoes. Include good quantity of Yogurts, cucumber in their diets. Try giving them Almond milk, Thandai, Custard, Chilled strawberry oats and so on. Experiment with food to keep it light but nutritious. You can give them small meals instead of forcing on a whole heavy meal during summers.

Avoid street vendor foods as bacterial activities soar in summers and are a major causes of food poisoning in kids. Don’t even allow kids to eat already cut fruits kept outside for few hours.

7. AC :

I find AC as a major culprit of causing cold and blowing nose in peak summers. We don’t understand the temperature fluctuations a child’s body undertakes in the summers. The sudden temperature changes makes babies and kids equally vulnerable. The best is to spent time in a well ventilated cool room with fans. Incase the rooms also heat up, try to maintain the AC temperature at a comfortable 26-27 degrees.

Also make a note that incase you need to enter out, even at 6pm in the evening, switch off the AC’s some 20-30minutes before, so that kids bodies can be acclimatised to the temperature changes.

8. Sunscreen & Sunglasses :

Lot’s of exposure to UV rays of sun can cause skin damage. While UV A causes skin tanning, UV B causes skin burning, and they both are equally worrisome. A good sunscreen, with minimum SPF 15 can protect your child for more than 2 hours. It blocks 93% of UV B rays. Since a baby’s skin is sensitive and sun screen’s have chemicals in them, avoid using them before till your baby is less than 6 months. Use covered stroller, full thin clothing instead for small babies. You can opt for child-size sunglasses that offer at least 99% UVA and UVB protection.

Let’s beat the heat will a zest of orange before the rains and fall comes along! Summer has its own charm, enjoy the same with kids with some summer protective measures to keep them healthy and hearty!

Happy Summers!

Summers are close by, are you aware of summer protection tips for your toddlers and kids? Are you looking for an answer to How to keep babies cool in summer, then read here. #summer #summerskincare #summerandbabies #sunprotection #protectkids

  1. Dalene Ekirapa

    Children are very vulnerable and should be handled with care. It is unfortunate to see that many will follow protection tips when it is during the cold seasons while forget to do the same during warmer seasons. Well, these tips just come in handy. I agree that dehydration is very important to kids just as it is to adults. And yeah, protective clothing will be awesome as well.

  2. iamlovexo

    Great read. New York is still in the “fall weather” and were anxiously awaiting spring and sunshine. Looking forward to reintroducing the park to my 13 month old.

  3. Ana De Jesus

    I had no idea that babies under the age of 6 months should not be given water. But I like the idea of giving toddlers mint water to maintain their electrolyte balance. And it makes sense that they become dehydrated quicker than adults too.

  4. Nikki

    This is very important! I’m all about fun time in the pool. I think it’s so important that children are confident in the water and learn to swim and this kills two birds with one stone, builds their confidence and keeps them cool. Really great tips! Nikki x

  5. book_gobbler

    This post is a blessing. What I wanna know is which sunscreen do I use for my daughter, she is 1.5 now and has sensitive skin. Will our sunscreens do or do they have other sunscreens for babies?

  6. Neha Sharma

    Superb post and a must read for all parents. Too hot summers are quite harsh on young children and can make them sick. It’s really important to keep the kids hydrated as they have a higher requirement of water w.r.t their body weight as compared to an adult. Moreover, they don’t always identify the early stages of thirst.

  7. alisonrost

    So many great tips, especially with summer right around the corner. I can remember being a kid growing up on our family’s farm and didn’t have a care in the world about wearing sunscreen. Now that I’m in my 40s I cringe even to write that as I’d love to go back and tell that carefree girl to remember her future-self. Also, what would summer days be without a dip in the pool? While we don’t have kids at home anymore, we will have a couple of kiddie pools in the back yard for our golden retrievers to splash in. Nothing beats it on a hot summer’s evening. xx

  8. Purple Dreams

    This article covered every aspect that should be taken care of. I’m struggling hard to make my kids drink water frequently!! Dunno why but my toddler doesn’t like the whole idea of drinking water!!!

  9. Ashh

    I totally agree with you regarding hydration, summer fruits as well as sunscreen protection. Summer appropriate clothing is important too.


  10. Elaine Michaels

    Great tips for parents! It’s always important to have protection from the sun especially in the states closer to the south where the sun is stronger!

  11. The Panicked Foodie

    This is such a great article, filled with a lot of great tips! While I am not a mother, I’m sure a lot of my mom friends would find this article useful. I had no idea that babies up to a certain age didn’t need extra hydration beyond breastfeeding! I also agree with avoiding sunscreen until up to a certain age. I myself, will not even wear sunscreen because of all the chemicals. I prefer to cover my body with appropriate clothing and sit in the shade 🙂

  12. ajournalofstories

    Thank you for the wonderful tips! One of my good friends just had her baby not too long ago and I love hanging out with him so these tips are definitely useful to keep in mind as we approach summer time!

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