Spice up the summers with ROBOTICS for Kids!

This summer engage your kids into the future, ROBOTICS, from Heymodo. Its the start of STEM learning, let the holidays be creative for kids. #robotics #Artificialintelligence #STEM #learning #drones #programming #robot #robotics

“Creativity is the secret sauce to Science, Technology,Engineering and Math : Ainissa, Science Evangelist!”

Summers have knocked on the doors? Are your thoughts still revolving around summer camps, dance, drama? Why don’t you try something different? Have you thought of exploring some innate creativity out of your children this year? Get ready to discover your kids’ love for Programming and Robotics in a fun way. And what could be better than to engage your kids in the practical and well researched learning summer camp “ ROBOMODO,” within the comfort of home, far away from the scorching sun?

“RoboModo’s innovative curriculum includes well-researched content that delivers basic robotics online, through interesting audio-visual components. In addition, enrollment into the RoboModo online robotics course ensures you receive an exclusive robotic learning kit at your doorstep”.

This summer engage your kids into the future, ROBOTICS, from Heymodo. Its the start of STEM learning, let the holidays be creative for kids. #robotics #Artificialintelligence #STEM #learning #drones #programming #robot #robotics

The Future with STEM !

The future is full of crazy innovativeness, the world is driving towards driverless cars, drones and humanoid robots. And all this is due to the advancements in science, technology, engineering, and math, which are basically represented by STEM education. We have moved from STEM to STEAM (with the inclusion of Art) and are looking at the future as STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art & Math).

STEM – STREAM learning – need of an hour!

This STEM – STREAM learning is way beyond the rote learning and involves an experimental and applied approach by integrating Science, technology, engineering, math and robotics into an approach based on real-world applications. It is a paradigm shift from the basic and individual learning and thinking. It helps children experiment various scientific methods in their daily lives. These learnings help master the cognitive, logical and reasoning skills of a child, which have become highly competitive in the 21st century.

RoboModo Jumpstart program by Heymodo :

So the future is here, enrol into the RoboModo Jumpstart program, the best Summer Camp for 8-12years old children to initiate their steps into the world of AI, Robotics, Drones and Programming in a STEM approach.

This summer engage your kids into the future, ROBOTICS, from Heymodo. Its the start of STEM learning, let the holidays be creative for kids. #robotics #Artificialintelligence #STEM #learning #drones #programming #robot #robotics

Here are some Benefits of Jumpstart RoboModo course :

  • Experiential learning, practical approach-based to help develop the logical and scientific mindset of kids
  • Curated by specialist educators in STEM, which means highly focused and practical learning
  • Designed to make children future-ready as they handshake with technologies of AI, drones, Robotics and more
  • Completely a web-based Online course, helping a child learn from home or anywhere and anytime in the world
  • Get access to an exclusive mBot robot kit and learn the concepts of graphical programming to help them build a functional robot.
  • Dedicated network of specialists to take help from during the course, supported by online chat or telephone.
  • Support of the Online Modo community of children, parents & STEM specialists for further enrichment & support.

Who knows, the next Sophia, the master humanoid Robot changing the way of the world, could be developed by your child !

Enrol in the program today & let these Summer Vacations be the most memorable for your child!

You can connect them at their facebook page !

Happy Creating STREAM Generation!



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  1. Brittney

    wow this is so interesting! Robotics has come a long way!

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    What a great activity for kids. I bet this can teach so many awesome problem solving skills!

  3. Annette R. Smith

    Thank you very much for such a good post.I think robotics system is much more important for the child. It helps the child develop their intellectual skills.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, we need to understand that these experimental learnings build the logics and reasoning of a child which are must even for everyday life.

  4. alison

    Wow, that is so cool and great jump start for the future for our kids!

  5. heartloveshome

    Looks like a fun time with Robotics! One of my daughter’s name is Sophia.

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh wow, that’s cool.. Lot’s of love to your daughter

  6. Sangeeta G

    STEM is definitely the future and getting kids interested in robotics will not only be fun but also useful.

  7. Ishieta

    This is so exciting! The kids would love it. Hope they come up with something for us grownups too.. I would love to try and learn too.

  8. This sounds great especially for the kids. My niece and nephew would be interested for sure.

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    This is a fun read post. I think kids will love them.

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    Woah now that’s something that I really need for my girls. I have been following a lot of Stream babies activities with them and I’m sure they would love to try this.

  11. Varsha Gode

    Wow Wow this is so interesting. Wish this was available during our childhood 🙂
    Lovely initiative for kids.

  12. Priyanka Patwari

    Kids will definitely love it and i am sure it will help to maintain distance from gadgets too..

  13. Elaine Michaels

    How fun! This is something kids would love to do to get them interactive and less time with video games.

  14. Mala and Aarna

    This is such an interesting and engaging activity for kids. They can learn so many things from this

  15. I really wish they had these activities when I was a kid! It looks like an innovative and unique way to spend the summers 🙂

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    Wow, this seems to be a really great learning experience for kids .

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    My kids are definitely gonna go mad after listening to this news..! Definitely It’ll be fun.

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    I think STEM gives wonderful opportunities for kids to learn a lot of new and interesting things and have fun at the same time! Thank you for sharing!

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    Wow robotics have come all the way till here. I am kids are loving it.

  20. sayeridiary

    Robotics, drones, children love these things. Specially, RoboModo Jumpstart program can be the best for summer camp. My son is 3yrs now so in future I have some plan to enroll his name in such programs.

  21. TheMomSagas

    So interesting! Kids are going to go crazy with this! I didn’t know something like this existed!

  22. Bulbul

    Robotics are the future and if kids get to learn it , that’s the best thing coz they are the future of the generation

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    I think this robotics system awesome and so innovative and absolutely helpful for kids to develop their intellectual skills.

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    This looks like a great workshop to understand and start off with robotics.

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    This is a great way of inculcating learning in kids that too in a fun manner… very impressive!!

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    wow, this seems so interesting. i will explore abt this more, as my son really has an interest for robotics.

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    This is so totally cool Jhilmil. Robotics is the future. Would be an awesome course am sure. Will definitely check it oit

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    Wow ! This definitely sounds quite interesting. I am sure this is the future and introducing children to this will help them gear up on the topic from early age 🙂

  29. Shaily Tandon

    This is a great way of learning and teaching too…..i had the opportunity to learn it in my school and I completely loved it….

  30. This is absolutely news to me but I guess this best way forward. Robotics is a necessity these days. There are so many innovations Coming up that teaching our kids this will only help them in life

  31. Monika Sehdev

    Waoh this new Concept for us. ROBOTIC for Kids! Thanks for sharing, hope kids will also Find this interesting !

  32. lynn armstrong

    Wow, my brother and I would have loved this as kids! We grew up in an engineering family!

  33. Neha Sharma

    This sounds so interesting, learning robotics for kids through summer camp. Such a thoughtful way of utilising Stem Stream learning concept for making experiential learning more fun for kids. Will share this post with my friends who have kids in this age group.

  34. Ms Tantrum Blog

    What a lovely post! Im so happy to see how far Robotics have come and the topic interests kids so much. This is going to help in development of kids specially in Analytical and Intellectual side.


  35. Ashh

    I love that Robotics is now being taught to kids. This is a great step towards development and will also help in improving analytical skills of kids,

  36. Alison Rost

    I think this is a great way to get them interested in Science and Technology. I love that they have the chance to learn more about robotics.

  37. Papri Ganguly

    Very interesting read. I’m sure Kids enjoy them very much

  38. Cassie

    This is so incredible! It amazes me how far technology has come.

  39. genny

    Teaching children logical and reasoning is the best for a prosperous and futuristic future

  40. This sounds amazing. Stream is definitely the new wave of learning and integrating it with ROBOTICS

  41. Snigdha

    This is sounding very much intersting .. Kids will enjoy for sure.

  42. raising2boyswithbooks

    Sounds like a great program! I can’t wait until my boys get interested in Robotics. Thanks for sharing!

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    It’s a super cool thing for kids to enjoy and learn during summer camps.

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    Great information. I am sure kids will enjoy this during their vacations

  46. Anagha Yatin

    Robotics will be part of daily lives in future as the computers are of todays. Let the children get to learn it early.

  47. Hlee

    This sounds like an amazing program that I would totally enroll my kids for at that age! They are still a bit young right now, but my daughter has an amazing STEM program at her school so we are lucky she has a headstart on this!

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    I’m going to check this out. My son would love to be involved in something fun like this.

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    This is so good for kids to learn in this summer vacation

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    I have heard a lot about sten and robotics. Will surely check it out.

  51. drbushran

    Experiential learning, practical approach through robomodo’s program will help in the overall development of Child

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