When do babies start walking – Milestone 3

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Babies start walking : Precious steps!

Those first steps are precious! And quite exciting to celebrate the biggest milestone along with their Birthday. Believe me, after cruising all the way, suddenly a day comes when they stand up and take 4-8steps to reach some unidentified goals:). Same happened to me, we had returned from Goa the last night when my son had just turned 11months. Suddenly I woke up in the morning to see him stand and taking 7-8 steps at a go. He then turned stationary, smiled and chuckled looking at me, & there I ran to hug him. Continue Reading

5 reasons to avoid Baby Walker

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View of my Side : Walker Story

This article can be contradictory to many Indians, who have been using Walker for their kids from many years and could not differentiate on the development part. Here I am sharing a very logical explanation post which I decided not to go for walker for my baby. To use or not to use is definitely your discretion parents. This is just to make you more “Aware as parents”.

Just like you moms and dads, we too had planned to bring around a walker for our darling baby when he was close to Continue Reading