The curious world of Inquisitive Kids : Part I

Curious Kids

“Why is water always wet? Even when it is in sunlight, why doesn’t it dries up? OMG! How to answer that, help me mommies.”

Well, the other day I was bombarded with “n” curiosities by my preschooler, which went on back to back in a loop. Those who are following me on Instagram, would have seen the post. Pondering over where to put a full stop, I was way too puzzled. Few answers didn’t come even with the help of Google search, was it my bad? I didn’t want him to say that mama doesn’t knows the answer, as baby A is too quick to formulate the comical answers himself. [Well, that’s a part of learning, I’ll share in my next post]

The series started with working on the week’s topic for his school’s Show and Tell activity. And believe me, he landed upon the “Fabulous creature – Shark”. Well, from Robots, to Birds, Tree, and Dental health, we pondered over some 7-8 options and that was the  start of series of questions, all getting linked to one another.

I have been loaded [like a fully loaded cheese pizza] with his curiosities ever since he started talking. But that was an epic day, which made me mull over the series of posts I planned to share with my readers. Does so much of curiosity calls for Information overload? Nah, I don’t want that to happen.

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Kids are naturally curious and they have ample curiosities in their minds basis what they see, hear and feel. Don't shun kids curiosity. #cusiosity #myfriendalexa #inquisitivekids #curiouskids #curiosity #parentinghack

When, How, Where of my kid?

  • Mama, birds fly and so do aeroplanes. Birds lay eggs so why not aeroplane lays eggs too? Mama bear plans to teach the concept of Living and Non living things.
  • Mama, when I’ll become big and a daddy, then who will be your baby? Of course you my baby! But I will become a daddy then and will no longer be a baby! Huh, silence!!
  • Who made this beautiful sea? Well, God created this earth and sea too. Oh wow, then tell God to create one sea near my house, as I love those Dolphin’s! How funny, hope God hears your thoughts.
  • Shark seems quite dangerous as I see, it eats away everything. How many teeth does it have mama? Mama Bears takes the help of web master now, only to find it can have as many as 3000 rows of teeth!
  • Whenever I do any naughty thing, you tell me that God is watching. Where is he watching from? There in the sky says Mama bear. But I don’t see God in the sky, if it is over the clouds, then why didn’t we see when we were in flight above the clouds? Thud..deep silence!
  • My mama is not well, she says that God is the supreme power. Master A rushes out and calls God from the balcony in full swing. “God, make my mama healthy and hearty and if you do so I will give you one chocolate, not more as it will damage your teeth”. Really funny, right? And there I hear the neighbour’s sound, what happened to mama? My goodness, you little bomb, get inside.

But did he stop his questions after that? No, only to see a smiling me!

Are kids naturally Inquisitive?

In one study I read that kids aged 4 are most inquisitive. I vouch, now that master A has touched his 4th! Does he expects me to answer a lakh questions a year, whoa! That’s what the study says.

4 year old kids are so inquisitive that they ask as many as 300 questions a day, which means, more than a lakh questions a year.

And 60% of them are so bizarre, that you just don’t know how to answer them and honestly Google will be of no help. On many such moments, I feel tiring answering these queries. Sometimes, I have to tell him that mama doesn’t knows the answer. Would you believe, he himself comes up with another freakish answer to that bizarre query and you cannot stop thinking of the innocent childhood. But, it is really fun most of the times and is an important part of their growing up and learning about the surroundings in which they live in. And when I answer most of them, I feel on top of the world, as my child thinks, mama knows answers to all. [Smiling sheepishly].

Kids are natural explorers, the more opportunities they get to explore, the more inquisitive they become. It is a form of their never-ending curiosity towards what they see, hear and feel. Gradually, it has made me feel that it is best to be honest in giving the answers on delicate questions, rather than formulating the imaginative ones. There has been a lots of learning’s while handling an inquisitive kid, which will come out in my second post, very soon.

So here for now, share with me the story of your curious kids and be glued for the next part, which will be on Raising Inquisitive kids : My Learnings!

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