Things impacting your Sleep!

What’s Affecting My Sleep?

If you’re obsessed with frugal living, you probably spend a lot of time fretting about your home’s energy efficiency. Indeed, checking your HVAC system and cleaning it regularly ensures that you’re using energy wisely, but there are some beneficial effects to improving your home’s air quality that go beyond your checkbook. Air quality, caffeine consumption, and managing screen time are vital components to quality sleep. If you’re curious about ways to get better sleep, read on for a few suggestions.

To begin, stick to your HVAC maintenance routine and check your filters regularly. Air pollution increases your risk for developing sleep-related problems like apnea and will also leave you feeling restless. You’ll develop similar issues if you consume caffeine too close to bedtime. Though a cup of coffee in the morning is a wonderful and healthy thing, too much can cause anxiety and insomnia. Cut off your caffeine consumption within six hours of bed.

Finally, it’s time to rethink how much you’re looking at television, computer, phone, and tablet screens. Though these tools are invaluable to modern daily life, there are some negative effects you should learn about. The blue LED lights commonly found in these screens decrease the natural production of melatonin, which can affect your sleep cycle and cause a few other problems. Moreover, though looking at screens wakes you up and makes you more alert, most people keep at least one electronic device right at their bedside. To get better sleep, follow the tips above and don’t look at any screens within 30 minutes of bedtime.


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