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5 Tips for Travelling with Baby for happy vacations

Had a baby, and wish to venture out the Travel world?

Best Tips to travel with kids

Pondering over but elders want you to put a full stop to your travel desires till baby becomes older? Get over those fidgety apprehensions now and let me share you my experiences and a handy guide to travel with baby safely and happily. Let travelling with baby be a jubilant exploration rather than a grouchy affair to behold for long!

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“My side of the story begins, when I travelled every 3-4 months with my baby, starting from when he was 2.5months to 2.6years as of now. I got him accustomed to Flight, train, Bus, car, all the modes available. To confess, acquaintance was not so easy all the time. Some travel days made us feel awful while others emboldened our decision to travel hand in hand. I kept the travel spark in us alive and want all parents to continue their travel spree, yes in some different formats compared to the before baby days”.

“Travel kindles euphoria; It strengthens the bonds; brings in exploration; Gives you a reason to cheer and praise; and yes it helps you lake ample selfies;). So moms and dads get that zeal and zest back and Go pack you bags; Explore the world with your Baby!

Travelling with Baby at 5months

Attaching herewith “Prescription of Contented Traveller family”

1. There is lot to explore nearby, why go that far Travelling with Baby?

“I used to say I’ve travelled most of the India, and never felt the need to explore Rajasthan(a state with most widest geography in India), as that was my birth place. But just after having baby, we went to Jaisalmer and that proved me wrong. My own Rajasthan looked so beautiful from the eyes of a new mother, its love made me so much comfortable, It made me feel like travel at home. There was so much to see and adore , from nature to artisans, from adventure to catching glimpse of native’s life. It was the most enjoyable moment with my baby, close to my Home!”

Yes, When there is so much to voyage around, why chose the farthest destination when the baby is small? My first tip, when baby is small and not even a year, chose destinations closer to you. Select those wherein you and baby get the sense of comfort. Comfort of surroundings, love of people, familiarity of food enriches your experience. Place close by can get you more adventure than you ever thought. Make an intelligent move! It’s the baby’s comfort that will ensure your Travel happy:)

2. Tap on the Mode: How to Travel with Toddler- via Car, Bus, Train, Flight?

Try that the you freeze travel time to minimum. Since infants are vey small to get exposed to long road trips and it could be very difficult to make babies sit at one place once they start walking. Isn’t it?

Try to travel during the night when in Bus/Train, so that most of the travel time passes when the baby is asleep.

Also, check if your baby is sensitive to motion sickness. If yes, try avoiding those modes wherein baby can create a messy situation or even vomit (as Bus/Car in Hills).

Words of Wisdom : Tips for Flying with Infants :

  • Get baby’s passport ready well before so that it does not become a hinderance in planning a trip.
  • Babies younger than 2 years usually fly free on domestic & discounted on international flights, so keep the proof of age ready.
  • Travelling with baby as small as 10-12 days? Check with the Airlines, before you book, as some airlines ask for the doctor’s permission to fly small infants.
  • Ask Airlines for the extra legroom seat(Usually close to Emergency Exits/ near Washroom) or a Bassinet (if bassinet, they will extend the seat which allows bassinet to be tugged) for a comfortable travel.
  • Incase, baby is on solid food (more than a year old), check on the “baby food” option with airlines and get that meal booked in flight.
  • Check if the plane has diaper changing facilities, many international brands have one such room with diaper changing small table.
  • If you are carrying some baby food or Milk bottle with you, check beforehand if can be heated in flight. Many of short duration flights don’t have the facility to warm up the food or bottle, so take extra care of it.
  • IMPORTANT :: If you are travelling with baby baby flight for the first time, encourage baby to breastfeed or give him pacifier or sipper during take off or landing. Since the air pressure changes, it might lead to some displeasure for the baby. If baby is already in sleep mode, do not force or wake him up. It could easily pass of while he is asleep.

WoW : Travelling with baby in Train

Well, it is one of the most comfortable modes to travel and to be true my kid enjoys the most while in train:)

  • Be assured of heating up food in train. Few trains only have Pantry section which can help you out heating food/milk for baby. If you baby is on formula milk, take thermos with hot water to help him make his drink:)
  • Do no leave baby on sleeper seats all alone, as they might fall from the seat when train is in motion.
  • Chat with the co-passengers; discover the midways, your baby will definitely enjoy train ride.

WoW: Travelling with toddler  in Car

  • Ensure yo have a well fitted car seat (infant seat) for the young babies and the belts are perfectly matched.
  • Get baby accustomed to car (infant seat) seat before starting travel journey, so that he feels comfortable on it.
  • While travelling with baby in Car, expecting both mums and dads together, make baby ride on the back seat and not in front seat.
  • That sun shining through the window seems bothersome for your baby? Why not get some removable shade screens for side windows to keep the aura cool!

Trains and cars are perfect for engaging with kids and can give you an easy baby travel; you can keep on playing /singing some rhymes, chat with the little one. Look outside and make the baby aware of surroundings & objects as, bikes, birds, mountains, trees..and so on. Count them out, make baby aware of the colours.

Take along some short story books or identification puzzles to keep somewhat young kids (2-3years)engaged.

3. Healthy Baby, happy travel! Be Safe, Be Wise!!

Travel only when your baby is healthy. Cancel any travel plans if he/she is ailing or under medication.

  • Take along basic medication pouch (fever, nausea, cold, cough, motions, vomits, skin allergy, constipation) , post getting doctors prescription.
  • Keep your doctors no. handy incase of any sudden encounters while travelling.
  • Travel in sun can be itchy sometimes for the delicate baby. So take along a Hat  and do apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts (SPF 15 to SPF 30 (works fine till 6month baby), (SPF 15 to SPF50 (works fine till 2-3years)
  • Get your Hotel rooms Child proofed – Check out with the hotel if your baby is between 1-2years and roams around freakily exploring and touching new things.
  • Request for a Cot or Crib to have a happy home like feel for the baby.
  • Take along child’s ID card & attach some sort of small information card on him/her.

4. Food : Full Tummy = Happy baby = Great Travel with Baby!

• If your baby is less than 6months, you’re happy with less packing. Just formula milk and cerelac must do your job.

  • But keep extra sterilised bottles in spare.
  • Do pack extra thermos for yourself moms, incase you are breast feeding, so that your requisite of being hydrated never goes out of way.
  • Once your baby is on solid foods, there seems to be plenty of options to carry along as in –
    • Choose finger foods as – Fruits – Banans, Apples, Pear, Oranges, Cheeku
    • Cakes, biscuits, cheese slices
    • Puffed rice (murmura / mamra)
    • Soya katori or any mixture your kid loves
  • Carry along big bib which covers the upper half of the body with plastic coating so that it can be easily cleaned.

5. Smart Travelling with baby = Let baby reign the Travel!

  • Try not to disturb baby’s routine, they will for sure need that precious nap time. Plan such that baby meets their sleep requisites.
  • Prefer taking stroller, so that baby can easily sleep and have a lovely nap time while you can roam around, sit, have some yum food by that time. If not stroller, prefer taking backpack. But do ensure that your baby is used to backpack or Stroller well before, else this new sleep bed may get onerous for both parents and babies.
  • If your baby sleeps in car/bus while in motion, do use that time hand in hand.. Drive and Nap. Once awake fresh, you can explore or roam around the new place.
  • Let baby follow the routine as in home. Well that doesn’t means that you have to keep a watch at the clock and follow the schedule as the clock ticks. But maintain the process as noon nap has a small massage, lullaby, bath and then sleep.
  • Keep extra diapers handy! Rather than overloading in your bags, pack necessary 4-5 and why not buy the packet at your destination itself?
  • Try changing your schedules, have food early at the famous restraunt you’ve tapped. Avoid the baby’s uneasiness on looking at the crowded or noisy place, by simply grabbing your seat for a quick meal well before the time it gets in fill.

Some generic tips for travel with baby :

  • Keep extra set of clothes in your hand bag, atleast one for baby and one for self (One set of Clothes, Napkins, Wipes, extra 2-3 diapers, bibs should always be ready in hand bag).
  • Prepare a set of clothes and pack them in labelled plastic bag, so that you can get easily what you want.
  • Pack medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags, so that any liquid doesn’t ooze out and catch your baggage with dirty surprise.
  • Pack some extra empty papers and plastic bags.
  • One can prefer carrying Gripe water / Bonisan (do check with your doctor) to avoid constipation when there seems to be a change of place and weather.
  • Take on the Baby blanket, as it could turn handy anytime anywhere.

Don’t leave any stone unturned to make an intelligent trip advisor out of yourself moms and dads. Travelling with baby makes exploration all the more adventurous. People love you with that sweet little soul and definitely you get your passion back.

Travel with Kids

Love Travelling, Enjoy travelling with baby!!

  1. kayla8642

    When my son was a baby we would always try to feed him during landing and take offs! We were lucky when he was that little he would just sleep through the whole flight!

  2. Deepa

    Great tips. We travelled a lot when my elder one was a baby. She was actually a good baby and didn’t bother much but it’s not easy to travel with a baby. 🙂

  3. Jackie

    That was such a helpful blog post. I don’t have any kids but I do have a nephew so I’ll give this to my cousin since she is planning on taking him someplace.

  4. ct2428

    This was a great article with lots of useful and practical tips for travel with little ones. Very helpful for people who are feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming trip!

  5. caitcance

    I agree it’s easier to travel when they’re babies- after they can walk they don’t enjoy being buckled in for long periods of time! And great tip about packing extra clothes for baby AND yourself… I forgot that one once and only had extra clothes for the child when she peed on me. NOT fun!

    1. Jhilmil

      Oh.. I’m always with extras for me n baby, coz I never know when he can pee or vomit on me, n then while travelling It’s not at all fun, A serious stake!

  6. Kanani B.

    When we travel by car or train, we always leave at night around bedtime so they sleep most of the way. We haven’t tacked a plane yet…I’ve been to nervous about what to expect with the whole family I’ve just avoided it!

    1. Jhilmil

      Guess now you should not be nervous post reading the airplane tips.. Its all what I’ve felt or done & guess it should help you travel by airplane:)

  7. Inez

    This is very thorough! So far, travelling with my son has been great but even when your baby/kid travels well itcan be emotionally stressful thinking about all the “what if’s”. And you’ve pretty much got them all covered!

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea Inez, so very true as I have been under constant “What if” fears but gradually it all went away when I ound out all the tips to tap upon my son! It still sometimes happen, but I’m, that’s Ok if we need to travel:)

  8. Amber

    This is so helpful! I did travel a few times with babies and did a lot of what you mentioned. I found having food and new small toys for them helped a lot.

  9. elena

    Wow these are all great tips. I don’t have any kids yet, but I’m a passionate traveler so they’ll be coming with me from a very young age haha.

  10. alifeofauthenticity

    Like you, I’ve traveled with both my children since they were 6 weeks old. The main reason was because my family lived several hours away, which meant car trips and airpline rides. It is important to get your child used to traveling an as many different modes as possible. Thanks for the post.

  11. noonetocompare

    These are some great tips for traveling. We are planning a family vacation soon and we’ll be driving. The car tips are very helpful. Not only that but you are right, full tummy means happy baby! Thank

  12. toastycritic

    Thankfully I am not having to deal with these things any more that my daughter is a bit older. But I definitely agree that you try to keep to the established routine of everything.

  13. Alex

    So many great tips! We travelled with our son with he was just 3 months and it wasn’t horrible! He’s less than a year and already been to 3 states

  14. royaltyinreality

    These are good tips. I’m not a mom yet, but I always feel a little bad for the parents I see traveling with a crying/screaming/agitated little one. I’ll have to forward this to the new moms i know.

  15. Sunny

    Thanks for this helpful and informative post! I’m tucking it away in a safe place for when I feel brave enough to fly from FL to MN with my twin toddlers to visit my sister! Thanks again, glad I found this!

  16. Milica

    We have always traveled with our baby boy. We enjoyed every single minute of it and he just loves to travel. So many useful tips tho!

  17. imperfectlyperfectmamablog

    I agree with your statement about keeping the baby fed! Being hungry or full can be the difference between a good trip or bad!

  18. Nicolle

    Thank you for these tips! I’m trying to get up the courage to take our toddler somewhere this summer! She traveled so much better when she was a baby and loved sleeping in the car. Now she hates being restrained!

  19. milesandellie

    These are some really amazing tips! We just took our one year old on his first trip which included 6 flights in total. I nursed during every take off and we were lucky enough that he managed to sleep through every single flight – I know that isn’t normal for most babes, but I will certainly take it!

  20. Michelle

    These are great tips! Being. Prepared is a must for a good trip with children. I always make a small activity kit and snack box for the long car rides. Its good to plan a little down time during the day too, even if they have stopped napping.

  21. jajwalyark

    Oh I cannot imagine how much harder traveling with a baby would be. Kudos to you for figuring all this out, but I am guessing it took a lot of practice to get perfected like this.
    Good luck and safe travel!

  22. alisonrost

    When my kids were little we took them everywhere with us, and that frequently involved traveling. After a while it wasn’t so hard and I could anticipate where the pitfalls might be. Long car rides always required lots of book. Plane rides with my son? An extra change of clothes because he always threw up. I can laugh about it all now. x

  23. Elizabeth O

    It pays to be supremely prepared when traveling with a little one. They have so many needs and advance prep makes life easy for all.

  24. toastycritic

    Those are great travel tips for all of the various means of transportation with kids. I remember doing this with my daughter when she was really little and there were a lot of things to remember. Thanks for putting it all down here.

  25. theshugrheds

    Great tactics for parents with teenies right here!! It was hard work driving 12 hours in an MPV to Southern France, but with these tips I suspect that they will be golden! Can’t wait to try it out net year 🙂

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