Top 5 Subscription boxes for Kids in India

Top 5 Subscription boxes for Kids in India

Best Kids Subscription boxes – activity boxes

Being a parent, we’re all looking for new and creative ways to engage kids. From birth to 5 years, a child’s brain develops at the highest pace. And this is the reason, why early stimuli have a great impact on a child’s personality in the later years. What matters in these early formative years are the right explorations, positive stimuli, and quality Psychosocial experiences. Remember in our Parenting Journey, these experiences along with the genetics play an important role in a child’s behavior. With the way, digitization is taking over every age group, these subscription boxes, aka, activity boxes act as a breather. Let me tell you’ll, I’m not at all against the screen time. If we cannot give away our screen time, how can we expect kids to do so? But what matters is a right balance between the mindful screen time and delightful engaging activities.

While I’ll talk about mindful screen time soon this week, here, I’ll be sharing some of the best activity boxes available in India for kids. As a Parent, I’ve experienced all of these subscription boxes for kids. What after 30-45minutes of screen time a day? These activity boxes act as a perfect parenting partner due to the innovative and interactive learning which they offer. Let me tell you, most of these kits will act as an equilibrium between the Right and Left sides of the brain. While your child will certainly enjoy the creativity involved, their logical side will also become strong.

With the rise of Subscription boxes in India, here is the list of best 5 subscription boxes for Kids available in India. These boxes are also known as Activity boxes and are full of activties required for holistic growth of kids every month. Read more. #subscriptionbox #activityboxes #subscriptionboxinIndia #kidsboxes #educationalbox #flintobox #firstcry #intellikit #magiccrate #xplorabox #Podsquad

5 Best Subscription boxes (activity boxes) for Kids aged 2-6 in India 

1. Flintobox :

I would say, Flintobox is one of my favorite subscription activity box. They have subscription kits ranging from 2-12 years, full of 3-4 thematic activities per month. Themes might be one, but the activities introduce kids to multiple themes in one box itself. As in a science concept to marine life to a DIY number play. Activities are a lot engaging and playful and the best part is kids learn via the modes of Role Plays and fun family plays. Read my detailed FIintobox review.

Mostly the kit includes :

  • A “Flinto” character storybook
  • All materials required for the activity with activity mats
  • Detailed step by step activity instruction sheets
  • All activities are packed in eco-friendly sheet

Apart from that, monthly you get lots of relatable worksheets for your kid, which are again fun to do. The best way to teach a child is via various interesting activities and worksheets and Flintobox does complete justice to it.

Age: Flintobox is available for 2-12 years old kids in 3, 6, 12-month subscription pattern. You can get to know the theme of your subscription months on their website.

Price: The basic kit is of Rs1195 per kit, but Various discounts are available from time to time and on different subscription modes. At the time of publishing this post, the sale is going on for different subscription modes.

2. Intellikit :

Coming from the house of one of best e-commerce portal for kids, First cry, this kit is indeed an “Intelligent Kit”. Intellikit is indeed for a smarter child. It has lots of activities to engage kids for a complete month. Having 8 activities per kit, much beyond the simpler ones, I found Intellikit as one which really taps on every skill and sense of a child. You’ll certainly have to sit with your lil one, which will ensure a perfect quality time. The activities are elaborate and fun and again theme based.

What do you get in your Intellikit?

  • 8 Age appropriate activities
  • A lovely storybook to tap the reading skills
  • A whole calendar of activities
  • Happy Tracker to keep a track of your child’s development over the time
  • Set of worksheets to help kids retain the concepts

Age: Intellikit is available for ages 2-6years.

Price: The basic price is Rs1499 per kit, but again the discounts are heavy on subscription modes. They have 3 and 6-month subscription and at the time of publishing, more than 46% discount is going on. You can also opt for Trial kit of just Rs299 with a limited set of activities (3), 5 worksheets and a storybook. Check out my detailed review on my Instagram :

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This post has a sizzling deal for your child:) I remember doing various crafts, slime and sensory plays as Arham was growing. Honestly, Toys can do no justice. And now when he has turned 4, he enjoys doing worksheets and colourful activities, (More than his studies..shh😅). Even I love the way kids explore and enhance their learnings from this creative world. So, this New Year, I gifted my lil boy #FirstcryIntellikit . Here is what we 💕, 👍The subscription box is Theme Based & we received “World Traveller”kit. That was an exciting start, as we had just returned from our vacations🌴. 👍The kit came with 9 wholesome activities, and they were a lot engaging. It comes with “My learning calendar” & helps you as a parent to build around one activity to keep your 👦👧 engaged. Stick it in kids room and keep on reiterating the things your child is learning via these kits. 👍Reward your child with Stars (You get in kit), Arham stuck 2 even before finishing😂 👍#intellikit comes with “The Happy Tracker” , to help you track your child's progress. 👍Many activities involved real time learning, as one activity involved us to act as Chef & prepare an inflight sandwich. We pulled out our favourite veggies, and enjoyed the virtual world of being in flight and enjoy meals. 👍The kit is specially curated basis the age groups (2-3y, 4-6y), which matches the kids growing skill-set perfectly. 👍These activities ensure a holistic development, Fine, Gross motor, sensory and cognitive skills of your child. You’ll be happy mama, I bet💓! 👍A big plus, the bags are #biodegradable .You can help your kids understand Recycling concept. . This means, weekends are full of creative fun now.I’m sure, the monstrous “screen time”, will see a swift exit.🤗 What are you waiting for mums and dad’s? It’s time for you to grab the offer and surprise your lil one. Use my code 💰Jhilmil70OFF💰 and avail 70% discount on its 3 month subscription (Valid for one month). Have a blast! . . . #firstcry #subscriptionbox #kidssubscriptionbox #educational #ohheymama #toddler #funtime #babydiary #instavideos #toddleractivities #kidsactivities #preschooler #photooftoday #kidsofinstagram #mommyinme

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3. PodSquad :

PodSquad is an activity box coming from the house of educationists, experienced in designing educational books and its focus is on the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner, according to which there are 8 Intelligence levels. Read more about this theory here (Point #3)

This holistic kit, enhanced with related digital content, is available basis the age group and includes

  • A colorful storybook
  • A super adorable and funny plushie tody referred as “Pod”, which signifies kids personalities.
  • Letter to parents with instructions of activities
  • Cute certificate of achievement, which can be assigned to kids after the completion of the activity.
  • Activities, all packed neatly in colorful drawstring bags.

This kit is rich in arts and crafts, varied science experiments, flash cards which are all quite a lot engaging and interesting. An added Digital content is a big plus and I recommend it thoroughly.

Age: PodSquad subscription box is available for kids starting from a year to 10 years.

Price: The basic price is Rs1500 per kit, but you’ll get it in a much better rate, due to the ongoing discounts. At the time of publishing this post, 50% discount is going on for most of the activity boxes on their site.

4. Xplorabox :

This monthly subscription activity box has lots of skill-enhancing activities. Again a thematic age-appropriate box, it is full of exciting DIY games, science projects and more. With the subscription modes of 3,6,12 months, you get 5 Fun based Learning activities neatly packed with instructions. You also get 20 downloadable activity worksheets via email every month.

Read out my detailed review on XploraBox 

Age: Xplorabox is available for 2-12-year-old kids

Price: Basic price is Rs1199, but again you get it at nearly half the rate due to ongoing discounts in various subscription modes. The discounts are ranging from 40-50% on this basic price for now.

5. Magic Crate :

Again on the similar lines, Magic Crate activities are a lot of fun. Usually, DIY Project-based learning, you design the activities and then have fun with them in the form of play or various projects. The kit comes with 3 wholesome activities and one colorful storybook as well. Again, these kits are well themed every month, to give kids a good dose of learning with fun.

Magic Crate is available in 3 subscription modes, 3, 6 and 12 months.

Age: Magic Crate is available from 0years (with experiential toys crafted with love) to 13+ years (project driven).

Price: The subscriptions have various discounts and you can get a 12month subscription at as low as Rs599 per month.

For simple crafty boxes, with numerous cute activties, you can also check out DigitoxKits.

With the rise of Subscription boxes in India, here is the list of best 5 subscription boxes for Kids available in India. These boxes are also known as Activity boxes and are full of activties required for holistic growth of kids every month. Read more. #subscriptionbox #activityboxes #subscriptionboxinIndia #kidsboxes #educationalbox #flintobox #firstcry #intellikit #magiccrate #xplorabox #Podsquad
Funny boy with his kit!

Conclusion on Kids subscription boxes (Activity boxes):

Convinced enough to try these activity kits for kids? All that you need is the right approach for this fun-based learning. These kits are worth try. You might love one subscription box (activity kit) over another and it is completely basis your experience. But the generic things remain the same, as

  • Don’t think that your task is complete, once a craft/activity is done. You’ll have to re-iterate the concepts learned with many practical experiences.
  • Many of these activities are re-playable. Keep on doing them more than once.
  • As a parent, you’ll have to guide your child, but forget the thought of putting 80% of your own efforts. Your child should put in 80% efforts and you should jump in between only for the rest 20%. Control your temptation!!
  • Leave the kids with their completed craft, you’ll wonder, how their imagination soars as they’ll bring across a new concept/story. Believe me, I’m always amazed at how much kids can think and weave around one craft.

Keep engaging kids by then!

Much love,



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    Activity boxes are very helpful for the psychological development of a child. They actually indulge the child in thinking of the concept and they learn many new things. I loved the FirstCry Intellikit travel activity box.

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    I have been using some subscription boxes for my kids and they seem to really love working on the activities these boxes offer. As a parent I find these boxes good because it’s like a meaningful play.

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    I have bought a couple of these boxes for my toddler and she absolutely loves the Intellikit one. These boxes are a wonderful way to keep our kids away from the screen and spend some quality time together with us.

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    I have an autistic son, 4 years old. I was wondering if subscription boxes are available in India for special needs kids. There is one in the US, ‘spectrum surprise’, especially for autistic kids and SPD. They do not ship to India. Any idea if you know any person or group that provides similar products for special needs children. Thank you.

    1. Jhilmil

      Hi Nadia, I’m not sure if they cater to the special needs kids. Though the activities which they have can help kids, may be you can try one of the boxes, and determine if it works for you. Hope that helps, thanks

      1. Nadia Momin

        Thanks for the reply and the suggestion.

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