Watermelon Smoothie recipe

Refreshing watermelon smoothie

Hey Friends, looking out for some invigorating drink this summer for self & kids? Why not get some seasonal juicy fruits on the task of revitalizing in the summer sun? Sharing a Watermelon Smoothie recipe directly out of my refrigerator as my kid sips it relishing the fragrance & freshness of it!

Ingredients :

Preparation : 4 glasses of Smoothie

  1. Chilled cubes of watermelon (removing the seeds) – One full medium sized watermelon
  2. Strawberry crush or fresh strawberries – Crush – 4spoon / equivalent sweet strawberries crushed
  3. Sugar (Only if the watermelon is not sweet enough) – 1spoon
  4. Lime Juice – 2-3 spoon
  5. Mint leaves – 15 – 20 leaves

Preparation time :

15minutes to cut & remove watermelon seeds

5- 8minutes for smoothie

Pre-requisites :

  1. Watermelon cubes (don’t forget removing all seeds from it) to be frozen for 3-4hours
  2. Incase you don’t have strawberries, make the strawberry crush (grind strawberries with sugar) to use immediately

Watermelon smoothie recipe
Frozen watermelon cubes

Watermelon Smoothie Recipe :

  1. Cut watermelon in cubes and keep it in “Ice freezer box of your refrigerator” for 3-4hours to let it freeze thoroughly
  2. Once the cubes are frozen, pull them out and add in the mixi jar and run it. [Since it is frozen, so it might take few minutes to get the cubes crushed into the thick juice, so don’t panic if it immediately doesn’t gets crushed].
  3. Once crushed, add the strawberry crush [I added Mapro crush to it]. Incase of no crush availability,  make one by grinding strawberries & sugar syrup to it.
  4. Add lime juice, mint leaves & then grind it in the mixi jar once again, till it becomes a smooth mixture.
  5. Serve Watermelon Smoothie in the glasses to get a refreshing drink.
Watermelon smoothie
Glass of refreshing drink!

Points to Note –

If your family loves more of lime / mint, you can vary the quantity mentioned above basis the taste. Mint gives a very refreshing flavour to it, so I kept it on a higher side. You may for sure vary the sweetness & sourness basis the taste.

Energizing drink is ready for kids & family! It is for sure chilled & we loved sipping it that way.

If your child has cold / sore throat or has directly come to home from hot outside sun, better not give it immediately then.

Let me know if Watermelon Smoothie recipe worked out for you & kids, did they relish sipping it?

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