What are detox drinks?

What are detox drinks?

Are Detox drinks beneficial?

A few years back, people used to tell me, you don’t need to go for endurance, and high-intensity training activities. Something similar happened a few months back, when a friend said, you don’t need detox drinks. That’s a very general perception around. You only need to exercise and go for detox drinks, to lose that puppy fat?

Absolutely no! Even Ectomorphs (skinny people) and Mesomorphs (more muscle than fat, medium frame people) need the right set of training, just like Endomorphs (people with high body fat). Even they need to adopt a healthy lifestyle for their own healthy body and mind. While exercise triggers positivity and a sense of happiness (due to the secretion of endorphins), detox drinks help work as a metabolic booster to me. Varied detox drinks are powerhouses, as they are,

  • Rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers
  • Low in calories and improves digestion
  • They act as early morning metabolic boosters
  • Provide extra hydration and nourishment
  • Aids in weight loss*

What are detox drinks?

Detox water is the water that has been infused with varied fruits and vegetables, and at times herbs too. In other ways, you can also form detox juices, not by infusing, but simply mixing refreshing fruits and vegetables and sipping it.

While the caffeinated drinks and carbonated beverages, along with other processed foods affects our liver, detox drinks provide the digestive juices and stimulate urination. This, in turn, helps our body to purge the toxins and even keeps our body well hydrated. Hence, a very general term is used that detox drinks flush out all the toxins from our system. Why the jury is already out there, debating on trying to prove detoxification and weight loss, it is proven that detox water and juices are rich in vitamins, minerals and keep your body well-nourished and hydrated.

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Does Detox Water help in weight loss?

The word “Detox water” and “Detox Juices” are over-hyped honestly. If you’re on your weight loss journey then relying simply on detox water and detox juices won’t help.

You can’t gobble up that cheesy burst pizza with a glass of detox water. It isn’t magical.

In simple words, hydration plus a very vital role in the functioning of our systems and this is what infused water and detox juices do, with additional nutrition. *So, detox drinks can aid you in your weightless journey, but then you need to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

“Daily physical workout/training as per your body type, brisk walking/running, adopting for a healthy diet, de-stressing your life and ensuring a quality sleep along with detox drinks will help you achieve that goal, healthily.”

There are no shortcuts, like drinking a glass of detox juice/slimming tea’s a day, to lose that stubborn fat!

Should I add Detox drinks in my daily routine?

Yes, 100% you should add detox drinks in your daily routine, irrespective of your body type. Though don’t make them as a replacement for your meals. Well, I start my day, with a glass of detox drink (detox juice) empty stomach. Infused water drinks, like Cucumber-Lemon-Mint water, Apple-Cinnamon water, lemon water, can be taken even between the meals, sipping through the day. I prefer, one glass of detox juice (with the pulp) every morning for that dose of vitamins, minerals, and fibers essential for a new day.

This month, all my posts under Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign will be around a healthy body and mind, an inevitable detox that we need to do, for ourselves.

Stay tuned for the next post on “Three Cucumber based detox drinks for a Healthy You”.

Stay healthy!

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  1. Aesha Shah

    I tried having a detox drink made out of cucumber, mint and lemon but it developed a peculiar smell by the end of the day. I thought maybe it got spoiled, would I be doing something wrong? Because I generally don’t drink enough water during the day so detox water surely helps plus I workout 6 days a week so hydration is important.

    1. Jhilmil

      Few questions Aesha, 1. Did you strain it and filled in the bottle or it was an infused water ? 2. Did you keep it stored in refrigerator?
      As, I keep Cucumber – Mint -Lemon Infused water stored in the refrigerator and keep on sipping throughout the day. The fragrance is of mint and nothing else. Also, if you still feel that it develops some smell, then, after 3-4 hours, remove the lemon and mint from it and simply sip the water (it already has the essence). Hope that helps

  2. Cindy DSilva

    oh i must surely try these drinks but i just love having these vegetables by themselves that i omit going through the process to grind them and drink the same.

    1. Ruchi Nasa

      With the kind of hot weather I live in, they get spoiled very soon. I otherwise like cucumber and mint detox but the short shelf life due to hot weather makes it difficult

  3. Trablogger

    I’ve always heard good things about detox drinks. Especially regarding weigh loss. But I’ve also always wondered what will happen to someone who wants to gain weight who drinks a detox drink? Will it be good for them as well?

    1. Jhilmil

      Let’s not consider detox drinks just for weight loss. They are a powerhouse of nutrition. The only point is don’t make them your meal replacement. It is even good for those who want to gain weight. Just like exercising doesn’t make them leaner, it is for a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Sandy N Vyjay

    This is a very informative piece about the importance of detox drinks. It is so necessary to incorporate these in our daily diets rather than the caffeinated drinks most of us are addicted to.

  5. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    A much needed article for me. I want to incorporate detox drink in my daily life, but was not so aware of these details. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Siddhi

    I was high on detox water few years ago. But it really helped my skin a lot. With covid around we should all inculcate it in our routine I feel

  7. Mrinal Kiran

    I always thought detox drinks were some magical stuff that required a lot of ingredients… Thank you for sharing this… I saw your video as well, your detox drink recipes are quite easy! I will try!

  8. Snigdha

    This is a detail view on detox drink and I will as looking for it . Thanks for sharing dear.

  9. I had done it religiously for awhile. Had my own infuser bottle and plenty of recipes. Somewhere along the way, just forgot about it. Need to restart slowly again.

  10. Jyoti Jha

    This is very informative post. A few I have tried and some I wasn’t even aware were detox drinks! Thankyou for sharing this insightful writeup.

  11. Mayuri Nidigallu

    I have been on the fence regarding detox drinks. However, your wonderful post has convinced me to give them a go! Thanks, Jhilmil.

  12. Ritu Bindra

    People often think detox drinks are a fad. But they are extremely beneficial. I swear by the cucumber infusion. Works wonders for me.

  13. Madhu Bindra

    My daughter introduced me to detox drinks. They really do work. Although at my age, you need to consult a doctor first.

    1. Naina

      Amazing 👍❤

  14. I have heard a lot about detox drinks and always considered that they are just another fad. But reading your post has convinced me to try adapting to them seeing the health benefits they provide. It is a must.

  15. Don Joe Martin

    I love a great gazpacho! Buuuuut, when we call it a detox drink, it just tends to invoke the wrong message for some people, that it might be icky, sticky, green and definitely not tasty! But as you said, there are indeed a great many combinations that can deliver both great taste as well be highly beneficial. If only people realized this before it’s too late…

  16. Gunjan Upadhyay

    I love Detox drinks, they not only taste good but are healthy and beneficial for us too.

  17. Nils

    I have warm lemon water with honey on empty stomach daily Do you think that works as detox? It has varied other benefits I’M sure. Thanks for this post.

  18. Neha Jain

    A wonderful theme. There are a lot of myths associated with detox drinks. Thanks for writing this one.

  19. vidhya thakkar

    An informative post! I will try to include them in my daily routine!

  20. Aarti

    I know they are good for you but somehow I can never drink them !!

  21. Nupur

    I love that you’re being honest and not touting these to be “miracle-cures”. Nutrient infused water should form a part of healthy balanced diets.. Look forward to trying some of your recipes!

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