When Cashify made my life greener!

Thud..And something came crashing down.

Cashify review - Its a #CleanUpcashOut time, get off your old mobile phone in just 60 seconds with cashify, since that's the best what happened to me, Read out the Tom-Jerry experience and how I won the race right below:)

Hurriedly, I ran to the room to see what had happened, was it my son or his cycle or what, that made this crashing sound? Though the complete room looked perfectly fine, I found my son missing. How come? Where can he go? He was here only some 5 minutes back.

Infuriated, I called my son, where are you? Deep Silence. A second try, and I could hear some wriggling noise from behind the door.

Ahh, there you are hiding behind the door, but for what? What was it that fell down and why were you not responding when I was calling?

Series of questions popped out like an arrow towards him, as he slowly came out of his hiding zone, with head held too low and hands tied at the back.

What? What did you do?  And suddenly I could find that he kept something in my hand and just ran away.

No ways, It was my anniversary gift, shattered!

And then began the Tom & Jerry chase between both of us. It took another 5-7 minutes for me to catch him, running, squeaking smartly all across the house. And what all I could hear before I could yell or share my displeasure, “Mama, you are my favourite. I promise I will never repeat it, it was by mistake and I did not do it voluntarily. Do you think I would drop it on my own, when I love my videos on this phone so much? [True him, he loved it tons]. Actually, I jerked and stood up and phone slipped out of my hand and banged all the way to the floor before I could pick it up. I’m really sorry”. He breathed then, after apologising cleverly.

I felt a pain in my heart for his sorry face, broken screen of my 6month old smartphone and awkwardly functioning touchpad. I was mute, but then suddenly I recalled, Man, this was my 3rd handset broken by my darling son. And there began the chase, once again.

Cashify review - Its a #CleanUpcashOut time, get off your old mobile phone in just 60 seconds with cashify, since that's the best what happened to me, Read out the Tom-Jerry experience and how I won the race right below:)Nonetheless, I knew that nothing could happen, except to give it for repairing. I immediately went along with him to Nehru place to get it repaired, but guess my luck was really bad that day.

Some shopkeeper’s said, that original parts were in scarcity from past one week, some offered a cost nearly half of the handset for a screen, some said that repairing will take close to 10-12 days.

What I would do for so long without my handset? I seemed to be completely lost. I had no choice but to pay huge sum and get the screen repaired immediately in next 1 hour.

Screen functioned okay for next 24 hours. But you know, those days, my luck was crawling, hitting the potholes, sliding on the landslides and making me crash all the way. My phone screen became blank and touch went too weird. Mom was being typed as Don and what not..Gosh, I had some really bad discussions (discussions, no explanations on the sudden typos I was doing).

I knew the time had arrived to again get a new phone. And this time I was sure, it would be a 5-7k handset and not more. But what to do of this one? I really did not wish to spend much money (as my Italy trip was due in next month), hence I planned to sell off the box of all 3 mobile phones I had accumulated from past 2.5years. All courtesy, darling son! So darling these kids are, I must say.

Was Past Better?

I now realize that this race was much better than the war, the war I initiated to sell off the handsets and raise some money.

The stage was set, being a communications manager, I had my well drafted plans ready in excel and presentation. Well, the numbers look good in excel only got hold of me here as well. I had done all the cost benefit analysis, but damn it, the real world was getting it all wrong.

I started off with FB, Whats app groups, shared some interesting images, features of my latest smartphone to “show off” its capability. Answers of “Why do you wish to sell then”, were also very well answered to satisfy the potential leads. But, roadblocks never demolished. People got me realized that I was being greedy and over demanding. Gosh, how could that be! The latest one was in a good condition to demand 50% of my purchase price.

My friends started calling me as a “Smartphone packager” instead of a communications manager. Great, they even rolled out some schemes for those who would buy all 3 handsets. Sounds funny? No, not at all, I was crying from within.

It was the time to roll out option II,  to try nearest retailer shops. It did do something good to me, in getting the screen work perfectly at very low cost. But still, Aggrawal uncle did not buy the smartphone at a decent deal. I was awry of what was happening and decided to give him all the handsets the next day at the price he asked. I was really sobbing.

As the life turns Greener!

Cashify review - Its a #CleanUpcashOut time, get off your old mobile phone in just 60 seconds with cashify, since that's the best what happened to me, Read out the Tom-Jerry experience and how I won the race right below:)

As the older people say, God help those who help themselves, I saw a silver lining for my hard earned luck. I saw FB advertisement of Cashify, assuring on selling the mobile phones in just 60seconds. I bounced, smiled and sensed something really good. In next 48hours, I was suggest of the best Selling price (close to what I had asked), a great discussion with their service agent and a perfect reach of the delivery agent to pick up my phone against the closed deal.

Wow, a blink and my smartphones were gone, I cheered as I woke up to the surprise of a new handset the next day.Thanks Cashify for the support which made my dreams and “excel” come true.

Are you also struggling to clean up your old mobile phones, then catch hold of Cashify for rescue, #CleanUpCashOut . As a promotional offer, Cashify is also giving an additional Rs.250 discount on the sale of your gadgets by using the coupon code – CLEANCASH.


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