When do babies start Crawling and Rolling – Baby’s Milestone 2
Happily Crawling

When do babies start Crawling and Rolling – Baby’s Milestone 2

When do babies start Crawling: Second Baby Milestone

Happily Crawling
Happily Crawling

In general, crawling begins from 6months – 10months, more so in the mid of 8-9months of age. Again just as the first milestone of sitting up, rolling and crawling also depends a lot on the opportunities given to the baby as  – Promoting Tummy time, making baby practice sitting exercise, making him sit surrounded with the C-shaped Pillow. To know more about helping baby sit up read my post .

“My baby started sitting on his own when he was 6months, although he got enough of tummy time from 2 months of his age. Sitting by self came a little later, which was not bothersome. But he began crawling when he did not even touch 7 months and that was really a very quick transition from sitting to crawling. Well, I’m not so sure but as the elders say that the reason he got little late in sitting was a 3-month winter span. A baby is so much overloaded with extra warm clothes that it impacts development. Definitely, a 4month kid cant takes over that extra fluffy weight all by himself. I was never rather concerned much, as I wanted him to have his own comfortable space to achieve his milestones in a joyous manner”.

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Rolling :

Sitting and rolling come side by side, when the baby can easily lift his head. This is when they take to rolling from tummy to side showing the new “magic” in their life. They just love rolling from belly to back and back to belly sometimes even in 3-4 rounds at a go! Encourage them and ensure their safety. The new Acrobat is in the house now:) 

Once the baby is comfortable rolling, you might see them working on something called as “Crawling.

Tapping on Crawling

My son practiced crawling in 2 different styles initially for 3-5 days. One, he used to practice alternating between a hand on one side and knee on the other. Another one was a proper crawling on all the fours. Well, I did not want to push him my choice for any. Sooner in 4-5 days, he picked up “On all fours” as his choice. He then even used to move backward and leap like a frog. Kids try out so many different movements that we just see ourselves smiling all throughout”:)

Yes, moms and dads, babies crawl in various different modes, and some are a step ahead. They forget crawling and directly stand and start walking. One cannot define which way is right or wrong, but it completely relies on the baby. More important is that the baby has started using his muscles and body to move around and explore by himself. This means a big achievement in their lives.

How to encourage baby to Crawl?

Once your baby is ready to sit on his own and has started balancing his upper body, you can help out baby crawl. Rolling is a step ahead of crawling and once this is initiated you can be sure that baby will crawl soon. Your support and help will encourage him to opt for his 2nd biggest milestone soon!

1. Keep on giving more of Tummy time to your baby.

Start playing while he is on his belly with his toys or cites rhymes or songs he loves to hear. Try showing baby new toys or new things while going away on different sides just to observe that your baby follows your directions. Ensure that your baby is happy while on his tummy and is enjoying this time rather than being cranky. All this play will make his neck and back muscles all the stronger.

2. Tap on a suitable Place:

Don’t expect your baby to be on a fluffy bed and crawl to get something. That indeed is uncomfortable. The best way is to put the baby on the floor. If you find that floor is too cold or it might hurt a baby, place solidly textured mats on the floor and then prompt baby to crawl. Try putting your baby(on the back) for a few minutes daily on the floor as to establish a connection. Then crawling can be easily practiced on floors.

3. Try to give a little support to baby’s back and let him roll over on his tummy by himself. He will have good control of his arms, legs, neck, and head. Try practicing it more often to build his confidence in the new acrobats of life!

4. Let him get his toy:

Place your baby’s favorite toy/object little apart and encourage him to get it all by himself. My kid loved the colorful wipes packet and he actually initiated crawling to grab it somehow. Once you see that he has won to grab it all by self, cheer and applaud him. Next time, place the same toy little farther so that he gets enough of steps to crawl. You’ll see that sometimes your baby grabs it perfectly while sometimes he just surrenders. Don’t let him wail, this time, you give him his toy back. It is a joyful process and baby should not feel discouraged of it anytime.

5. Crawling towards the mirror or “YOU”:

Babies like to see in the mirror. They seem to be just curious of who is this 2nd creature just like them! Lol! But then, try putting your baby in front of the mirror and ask him to go closer to explore. It could be even you, standing in front & asking the baby to come and hug you. Ask me, moms and dads, the moment you see him chuckling and move towards you to hug, that moment is bliss. Experience it!

6. Minimize Walker Time and baby seats:

When my baby was 9months he stood and walked with some support. Hence, I thought of introducing him to walkers. The day my baby had his vaccination, I thought to gift him a walker. And somehow this conversation rose up at my pediatric’s clinic, post which I never bought a walker. Read my 5 Reasons to avoid walker for baby post.

 I realized later that minimizing walker time was so good. We need babies to explore all by themselves when they are ready. Walkers limit their time on the floor and definitely, it acts as an impediment towards crawl. Don’t let your baby sit in walker or baby seat for long durations. Child-proof your home, once the baby has started crawling. 

Crawling opens up the world for your baby and that’s the first instance of them being independent. Some babies crawl at a super speed directly targeting their mission while some may crawl slowly and steadily exploring little things in their way. It’s all up to your baby’s way!

Enjoy, laugh, sing, have ample of merry-time. Don’t forget to Cheer your baby for the extra work he has initiated:)

Congratulations on achieving Milestone!


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