Self-Love: Is it perilous?

Self-Love: Is it perilous?

Why is Self-Love Important?

Something pinched me hard, really hard some 15 days back. And it jostled me again last day. This was something, I wanted to write and share with my readers from so long. What I’ve written is what I follow personally. I love it when I’m warm to others, as well as myself and that’s Self-Love.

Be proud of yourself, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you!

Women, after marrying and becoming mommy, are expected to give the whole of their life to kids, and family. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. But this society(Indian society) often forgets that the girl, who became a woman overnight, also has a right to lead her own life, in the way she wishes to. The same life, which has been blurred with the perfect relationship tags.

Why is it assumed that a woman, has no rights to love herself before others? Is it that for the whole life, she has to be a good mommy, a great wife, and the best daughter-in-law? Why can’t it be acknowledged that she has to be “herself”, a woman that she deserves to be in her own eyes, rather than that of the society?

It seems the thought is leading its way through the generations in our society. Yes, a woman can assume all roles, but it is not necessary to attain the tag of “SuperWoman”. It is rather imperative to attain the tag of a woman, who believes in Self-Love. Well, don’t get me wrong, as it doesn’t translate to being egoistic or Selfish. Instead, it translates to a woman, who will be more jubilant in her life. Look at the dictionary meaning, if you feel I’m wrong.

Self Love meaning in Dictionary.

It’s all about, “I Love Me”, and to accept thyself

Self-love isn’t overrated, believe me. Being perfect is given a higher score in our society compared to Self-Love. It’s time that you understand the real meaning of Self Love and start practicing it. It’s not just a key attribute to ease out “our own” life, but it is really important for the Mental well being and never to see oneself even an inch closer to Depression.

A nursing mum, came home really tired that anxious day. Her 1.5year old girl clung to her and wanted her mum’s closeness. But she was emotionally drained and unable to give her daughter the right attention and love. She was filled with guilt and the next step she chose was being hard on self, for not being able to justify herself as the “best mom” and “best professional”.

Was it really right?

Importance of Practising Self-Love :

Is Self-Love really important? It's time that we talk and accept Self-Love rather than running after perfecting every task as a SuperWoman. Read how does Self-Love helps one? #Selflove #lovethyself #beinghappy #relationships #eathealthy #healthylife #lifestyle

If you see closely, we all often tend to be too hard on ourselves. This is what The Theory of Perfection teaches, and this is what I’m trying to shun out (completely). Self-love teaches you not to be too harsh on self. It makes you accept yourself as a human, who can make mistakes, who can have a bad day and bigger than that, one who accepts all of it.

“Well, I too have certain days when I feel the lowest. Those are the days when my body ignores me and I feel sick the most. Practicing Self Love is the only thing which pulls you me out of this muddy puddle.”

Why is Self-Love Important?

  • Self-Love empowers the negativity and helps you flush it off. It tends to take you more towards self – satisfaction rather than always being conscious to gain that perfection.
  • Self Love means, loving yourself the way you are, with all those bulges. Yes, you read it right. But it also motivates you, to work towards your life, to attain a healthy body and mind. A healthy body and mind lead to a healthy, happy and beautiful soul.
  • Self-love is all about positive emotions, it helps develop a positive mindset. The way the world is progressing, right from social media, to corporate jobs, kids studies and relationships, we are more prone to anxiety and stress at any of these attributes. But a sound mind, a self loved person with a positive outlook, will attain much better mental wellbeing.
  • The more you love yourself, the more love you will shower around. You’ll have that positive energy to give and this will, in turn, energize you back.
  • When you hold yourself important, you indulge in healthier choices. This, in turn, impacts your overall wellbeing and not to forget “relations” as well. Be it right diet, right fitness mantra, you start choosing the right things.

What Next?

Love yourself, as much as you love your family. Don’t keep yourself, at last, else you will strike out yourself on the Happiness Quotient. Will you take the pledge with me, right now? It’s all about loving “ourselves”, rather than working towards perfectionism. Its all about being happy and spreading the real happiness.

The most important topic now comes is: How to practice Self-Love. Check out my next post on this subject. It shares a few ways which I use to ensure that I love Myself:)

Is Self-Love really important? It's time that we talk and accept Self-Love rather than running after perfecting every task as a SuperWoman. Read how does Self-Love helps one? #Selflove #lovethyself #beinghappy #relationships #eathealthy #healthylife #lifestyle

Keep spreading Love,



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    Self love is very vital. It helps you stay positive and gives you a zing to move forward in the right direction.

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