Maintaining Balance between Job and Family : Work – Life Balance

Maintaining Balance between Job and Family : Work – Life Balance

Maintaining Work-Life Balance: Working Mom

None of any blessing in my life is more than a mother. He is everything for me. Birthing and raising a baby is the best part of life. A mom sacrifices too much for family and children. Some of them are working for earning either for not leaving her career ambition or to meet the expenses. Whatever the reason will be, but maintaining a work-life balance as a mom is hard to maintain.

US former president Mr. Barack Obama’s wife Mrs. Michelle Obama is a working lady. She is the mother of two girls as well. Thus, she becomes the role model for adjusting family and work. Once she said in her interview:

‘I thought if you want me to do the job you got to pay me to do the job and you got to give me flexibility. Flexibility means that I will work my tail off for you but you better pay me and value my family.’

The question is how to align both profession and home. It is quite confusing and challenging also.

Here are some useful techniques to achieve this work-life balance :

1. Drop your child to school

Mostly successful mothers recommend dropping your kid to school. If you can make this habit, you got some more time to spend with him and establish a healthy relationship. Otherwise, exercise to drop at his academy at least once in a week.

2. Make a call at home to talk with your kid

Usually, toddlers wish that when they reach home, they will get a hug from her mother. Unfortunately, the mom is an office. Therefore, it will be perfect if you make a call at home and talk to your child. After a month or two, your baby will be addicted to expect a call instead of a hug. You may ask exciting activities did in the institute, laugh over his act and instruct to obey the person assigned to take care in your absence.

3. Bring favorite confectionery of your baby

Psychologically, toddlers and teenagers expect that their parent (who is outside the home and will return in the evening) would bring chocolate, sweets, bounties, or wafers. Mrs. Julia Bill teaching at Australian Master once shared in a parent-teacher meeting that she had purchased a box of various confectionery items and keep in her workplace drawer. Daily she asks her daughter what to buy for her. So, while returning home, Mrs. Julia picks one piece of demanded item.

4. Listen carefully to your kid

Children need attention just like they want food. You were surely habitual to share so many things when backed from the academy, so your children too. When you come back to your place, first relax and then give time to your family. I know you are frustrated with the workload but assume how your kid controlled till yet about all things he/she has to share with you. While relaxing, you can listen to the sweet melody of your child. I am sure that your tiredness will go away.

“I think the best thing that you can do with your kids is to talk to them like they’re human beings, not like they’re children and they don’t know what they’re doing.” – Constance Zimmer

5. Hire someone who cares in your absence

Caring for the health of the family is the vital responsibility of a mother. If a mom went to a job how could she be attentive towards it? Either she has to get a leave from her office if her kid suffered from any disease or she left the kid. That’s the reason you should hire someone who will be responsible for taking care of your child. Hence, you can work with a relaxed mind.

6. Feel your child that you prefer it

There is a distinct type of psychology of pupils. Some of them wish to talk without any disruption for a particular time, some want to sit next to you and engage in their own activity, and some others like you to spend time and play with them. The actual focus of a child is to take your attention either physically or mentally. You have also let them feel that you give them more priority than any other thing in this world. That’s it.

7. Enjoy weekends with numerous engagements

Try to compensate for the absence of the whole weekend by spending a healthy time with your son or daughter. Watching movies, going for dinner, enjoying an amusement park, and go for rides are various engagements. In this way, you can relief yourself as well as stronger your relationship with the family members also.

8. Reflect weekly about your activities

Mr. Felix John, a senior editor at Crowd Writer and a Ph.D. in humanity says:

“You should spare some time for your own self. If you are spending more time outside the house, then you have to concentrate more on all the actions & reactions regardless in the office or home. Reflect on yourself with a cool mind.”

This is the best approach to polish own habits, skills or ways of reaction. In the case of working mommy, a woman should emphasize to think of how she could make her performance more appealing and happiness-filled.

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Stella Lincoln is the mother of two children. She is a Business and Finance tutor at Academist Help. Stella possesses a master degree in educational psychology. She often conducts workshops and career counseling for youngsters in weekdays.

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