World Cancer Day : 7 tips to avoid Breast Cancer risk

World Cancer Day : 7 tips to avoid Breast Cancer risk

Breast Cancer awareness this World Cancer Day

Every year, 4th February is a day dedicated as #Worldcancerday. I believe this day as an opportunity to hear out cancer patients, raise awareness against Cancer and show our support for innumerable lives who have fought with this “beast”.

Cancer is only a small chapter in the whole life, look at the bigger story and goals of your life. If you choose “Hope”, everything seems possible!

Breast Cancer and It’s Fact file :

It is said that cancer is recognized as a group of more than 100 diverse diseases. Breast cancer is one of those types and is known as common one amongst the women. This cancer is developed from the breast tissues. There are indications of these cancers such as there is a sudden change in your breast shape, a lump is created in your breast and also a red patch appears on your skin.

Breast Cancer is one of the Cancer which kills maximum women. Did you know that Breast cancer can also happen in males? Read the symptoms, causes and holistic approach towards the care of breast cancer. #cancerawareness #breastcancer #cancer #cancercare #life #hope #worldcancerday

Reasons that trigger Breast Cancer (#Worldcancerday) :

The easiest way to explain its occurrence is when the Breast cells multiply in an uncontrolled manner which then groups together to convert into tumors. Any one factor cannot be attributed to the cause of Breast cancer, but it is a cumulative result of genetic, environmental, lifestyle and hormonal factors. Mutations in the BRCA genes, which are usually carried in family history, is a major genetic factor, which when triggered with the below-listed factors, can result in a massive growth of these cells, turning them cancerous.

BRCA gene is associated with Breast, Ovarian, prostate and Pancreatic Cancer. Naturally, BRCA genes suppress the tumor growth, but mutuations in these genes, results in the risk of Cancer, as they no longer suppress the tumors.

Other reasons triggering Breast Cancer :

  • Inherited gene mutations (which can be passed from parents to children, they can even skip one generation)
  • Various Lifestyle factors, leading to an enhanced Obesity
  • Late Menopause (Menopause at an older age can also trigger Breast cancer)
  • “No” pregnancy ever, late Pregnancy, No Breastfeeding may also trigger Breast Cancer ( The culprit here is the Hormone Oestrogen, as this female Hormone stimulates the breast cancer cells to multiply)
  • Radiation exposure, leading to mutations
  • Alcohol, Smoking, diet habits, sedentary lifestyle, all trigger the risk of Breast Cancer.

One should be highly alert about the symptoms and causes as well. However, one can avoid many of these risk factors by simply adapting various lifestyle changes.

Have a look at these 7 tips to avoid the breast cancer risk :

Breast Cancer is one of the Cancer which kills maximum women. Did you know that Breast cancer can also happen in males? Read the symptoms, causes and holistic approach towards the care of breast cancer. #cancerawareness #breastcancer #cancer #cancercare #life #hope #worldcancerday #cancersupport

1. Have control over your weight –

Being obese or overweight may increase your breast cancer risk. Maintaining a healthy weight all your life is a very vital thing. Take more intakes of vegetables and fruits to lower that risk. It has been proved that women put on extreme weight especially after their menopause. Have a healthy and balanced diet and try losing weight at regular intervals to lead a better life. Reduce up the calories intake from fats.

As per Webmed, If the daily calories from fat are reduced to less than 20%-30%, then diet can protect women from developing Breast Cancer. Though many dietary facts are yet debatable.

2. Avoid excessive Alcohol Intake –

One must cut down on their alcohol intake. Studies have proven that women who tend to take 3 to 6 drinks per week or 2 to 3 drinks per day are more likely to diagnose with breast cancer. Having it in a limit is always a good thing. It keeps you healthy and helps in reducing your other health issues too.

3. Develop a habit of regular exercise –

Breast Cancer is one of the Cancer which kills maximum women. Did you know that Breast cancer can also happen in males? Read the symptoms, causes and holistic approach towards the care of breast cancer. #cancerawareness #breastcancer #cancer #cancercare #life #hope #worldcancerday #cancersupport

Regular exercise is the best preventive measure anyone could take up to stay away from the breast cancer risk. Get out of your couch and go for a walk or try some other physical activities such as swimming, running, dancing, cycling daily. Get that dose for at least 30 minutes a day.

4. Avoid tobacco –

A fact you need to know, Tobacco has 70 cancer causing carcinogens

If you have a habit of smoking, then you need to stop that habit immediately. Smoking not only increases the risk of breast cancer but also manages to damage every organ of your body. Even one must avoid the second-hand smoke as inhaling smoke is equally dangerous. These cancer-causing carcinogens damage the DNA, which interferes with their natural growth and makes them cancerous cells.

Breast Cancer is one of the Cancer which kills maximum women. Did you know that Breast cancer can also happen in males? Read the symptoms, causes and holistic approach towards the care of breast cancer. #cancerawareness #breastcancer #cancer #cancercare #life #hope #worldcancerday #saynototobacco #nosmoking

5. Avoid sitting position for a longer duration –

Weight control and regular exercise can drastically reduce your risk of Breast Cancer. Studies have shown that sitting for a long time also increases your breast cancer risk. Especially this is higher in women. As per a research, sitting for 6 or more hours a day, puts you at very high risk of developing this cancer, even though your lifestyle factors might be at the right place. It’s time to get up, stretch your body and walk at small intervals.

6. Limit or avoid your Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) –

In the early years, hormone replacement therapy was used on a larger scale for controlling the hot flashes, night sweats and many other symptoms of menopause. If you have been using HRT for more than 10 years, you’re even at the risk of Ovarian Cancer. The reason is simple, HRT involves Oestrogen and by now we know that enhanced exposure to Oestrogen poses a risk for breast and Ovarian cancer. 

7. Get yourself screened at regular intervals –

You can only know whether you have a BRCA mutation is by getting yourself tested. Getting yourself screened regularly will help you to understand whether you are detected with breast cancer at not. Timely detection makes things easier. 

If you find any other problem or have any query, you may also get in touch with the best gynecologist in Delhi. They will help you in understanding the things in an easier way. It is always good to be alert in the initial stages and avoid the risk by altering your lifestyle.

Stay Healthy, Stay safe,

Let’s listen to more voices this World Cancer Day!

Much Love,


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    We cannot help any genetic disorders but a good lifestyle and attention towards personal health can go a long way in avoiding cancer. Regulat checkups are a must.

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    I always believe prevention is indeed better than cure.. much cheaper and less stress on every one.. A healthy lifestyle CAN decrease one’s chances of getting many cancers by 50%.

  11. Awareness about Breast cancer is the need of the hour. With our changing lifestyle the number of cases are rising up and being aware is the first step to fight this evil

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    Breast cancer has become really common these days! Contributing factors are many, unhealthy lifestyle, hormones, etc… But screening ourselves at regular intervals and taking care of our weight and lifestyle really helps!

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