Exploring “Xplora Box” : Subscription Box for Kids

Xplora Box - Kids Subscription box In India

Subscription Box for Kids :

World has transformed a lot in the way things are being made interactive and presented. And so is the naive industry of Subscription boxes. Though India is little late compared to the world, It does have some really amazing Subscription boxes for kids. I will be penning down a list of creative subscription boxes for kids in India soon, but here I shall review Xplora Box in specific.

I still remember my good old days, when learning was also there and fun also, but truly learning was not that fun, the way it is now. Wish I could go back in the time zone to have such fun, lol!

So what is Xplora Box?

Xplora Box - Kids Subscription box In India

It is a monthly kids subscription activity box, focussing on learning with fun. With a different theme every month, it has numerous skill enhancing activities which help in Cognitive, motor skill development of a child. We receive a theme-based box every month packed with some exciting projects, games, DIY activities, direction pamphlets and a story book.

The best part was, my kid was hooked to it and wanted to complete all 5 activities in a single day. This gives a justification that they have made it really interactive and full of fun learning. Even me, as a mama, was curious enough to know that how the little intellectual things worked and the outcomes were delighting.

Jungle Safari and adventure: Xplora Box

So the Subscription box I received for my 3yo [Toddler group], was themed “Jungle Safari and adventure”. With a sweet little introductory note, me and my son went into the deep jungles exploring our animal world.

Xplora Box

1. Monkey feeder :

we got our Hungry Monkey cutout and tree to have a comfy seat. So our dear monkey had to be fed right quantity of fruits and that had to be ascertained by rotating our “Wheel of Food” for cute monkey. It was sweet, feeding the monkey with the desired fruits and it helped my son reassure his counting, identification and motor skills in turn.

2. Animal Puzzles:

The next set of activity, is always loved by my 3yo son. 4 Animal Jigsaw puzzles of Lion, Giraffe, Kangaroo, Elephant with their young ones, got him not just to solve the puzzle, but then he recalled the animal baby names, their sounds as well. He even shared a small jungle story to me which was fun.

3. Matching the patterns:

Matching body patterns to the animals, was an activity which I did not got to do with my son earlier, so I was not so sure if he would know. But he was apt in matching Zebra Stripes with Zebra, Leopard patterns with Leopard and so on. This was fun as well as informative and bang on as a new tool to make kids aware of. It for sure enhances concentration and generated more curiosity around the animal world.

4. Magnetic world:

Xplora Box - Kids Subscription box In India

Placing magnetic cutouts was nice fun. Magnetic property had not yet been explored by my son, except getting him aware of Fridge magnets I had. It had 2 stories, one of snowy landscape and another deep jungle. We had to identify the magnetic cutouts and place them to complete the landscape. This got him learn something new, the concept of magnet, what happened if there was no magnet on the board, gravity, snow animals. Quite a good fun.

5. My reptile world:

Xplora Box - Kids Subscription box In IndiaXplora Box - Kids Subscription box In India

This was what I believe my kid loved the most amongst all others. After all it was the colouring time and creating his own reptile world on the provided canvas. Crocs, turtle, lizard, snake, he ran all around showing his cute lil reptile world.

Why I loved Xplora Box?

  • Well, the purpose of sharing these fun stories is just to ponder that how can these boxes get kids into the learning with ample creativity, imaginations and in every activity there was something new for my child to explore. Let’s quit gadgets, videos, Cartoons from their world and inculcate the sense of these fun learnings in their lives. You can create some DIY worksheets yourself in line with these activities for more enhanced workshops.
  • They have separate themed activities for various age groups as 2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8+kids. The levels, explorations and themes get much more interesting with the age.
  • Easy Subscriptions: They have 3month and 6month subscriptions. With 3months costing cumulative Rs 2097/-, I believe it is worth every penny spent for this lovely adventure.

Reach out to Xplora Box and explore more options you love to!


Till then,

Happy Crafting Kids world!

[I received one Xplora Box to review it with my 3yo son, so all opinions and fun photos are ours, as we really enjoyed doing it.]


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