Your Go-to Maternity Clothing Essentials For A Comfortable Pregnancy

Your Go-to Maternity Clothing Essentials For A Comfortable Pregnancy

Maternity Clothing Essentials

You have started checking out style lessons on YouTube and following celebrities for their personal style revelations because you are new to this “mommy-to-be” stage. You don’t want to let your huge belly and swollen feet take away the charm from your personality. Now, there is no need for that “I’m pregnant” excuse; you can make your baby bump look super cute. Here’s some candid and helpful advice that will guide you in dealing with your closet during pregnancy (be it any trimester) wrt Maternity Clothing Essentials.

First things first – you need maternity clothes that keep you stylish yet make you feel very comfortable.  You have to ensure that your cloth is not just gentle on your skin, but also allows you enough freedom to move easily and handle heat well. Although a pregnant lady isn’t required to restrict herself to a specific set of garments or colors, yet certain fabrics work better than the rest.

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What should be your must-have basics? Maternity Clothing Essentials guide:

Maternity tops

It’s always a good idea to invest in tank tops and loose fit t-shirts as you can any time pair them up with jeans, leggings, cardigans and what not, for a gorgeous look. Choose tops with ruching on the side so that you can easily modify the length of your top as your body shape changes.


Chemise gives you a casual and comfortable look by hanging loosely on your body. The breathability it offers makes it a perfect choice for even sleepwear.

Maternity jeans

Maternity jeans provide more comfort than your regular jeans, so don’t think of compromising on it. You should opt for wide elasticized waistbands or panels that can perfectly accommodate your baby bump. Choose nude-colored waistbands to make them unnoticeable under light tops. If you are not comfortable with some extra pressure on your belly, you can go for the underbelly style.

Maternity leggings

Pick up quality maternity leggings (underbelly, cropped, over-the-belly) with soft, stretchy belly bands that don’t squeeze your bump. You can lounge around in them or also choose to get sweaty in a workout.

Maternity dress

The midi-pregnancy dress is an elegant option to fit and flatter all your special occasions – whether it is catching up with your friends or attending a wedding. Keeping your dress knee-length helps you to avoid those naughty teens to peek at your thighs.

Cardigans, blazers, and jackets

As they say “layer to stay comfortable”, you can style your sleeveless top or dress with a laced cardigan or a denim jacket for the weekend, to get that crisp yet super comfortable look.

Scarves and wraps

You can add a touch of pizzazz to your outfit with some colorful, printed scarves or wraps. Hide behind your scarf on a sunny day to save yourself from the ridiculous tans or wrap a shawl around to keep yourself warm during winters.


To help you get a sound and comfortable sleep, it is important that you invest in some good quality nightwear. You have a variety to choose from in the market – nightgown, nightshirts, chemise, t-shirts, trousers, etc.

Yoga wear

While you are practicing yoga to improve sleep and keep your body in good shape, you need to remember how important it is to wear the right workout wear. The yoga outfit is so versatile that you can even try pairing it up with a blazer and wearing it to office.

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Tip: Do not shop for too many clothes at a time; study your closet before going for a wardrobe makeover. Buy clothes that are bump-friendly, versatile, flexible, comfortable and grow with your size. They should be easy to dress up and easy to dress down (remember how frequent urination wreaks havoc in your life).

What to look for in your fabric as a part of Maternity Clothing Essentials:

Breathability – Your body temperature naturally increases due to the heat generated by your baby. So, no matter what the weather is, breathable fabric is essential to keep you comfortable and cool.

Softness – Soft clothes are porous; they let air in and are absorbent. They won’t make you feel confined or suffocated. Above all, soft cloths are hypoallergenic and easy to maintain.

Durability – Everyone wants to invest in clothes that last longer and do not wear out after a few uses. Make sure your cloth withstands washing, ironing, and your clumsy mistakes.

Stretch – Your clothes should be stretchy enough to accommodate your growing tummy. Clothes crafted from cotton-spandex are the best to pick up where comfort is key.

Which fabrics comply with the above criteria?

Cotton and Linen – Cotton and linen are considered one of the best options for their sweat absorbing properties. They allow easy airflow and also repel heat. By keeping the body dry and cool, cotton and linen help in minimizing fungal breeding.

Modal – Made from trees, modal is a super soft fabric that absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. It is lightweight and durable, and also doesn’t pile up, which is why your cloth won’t look old and overused.

Bamboo – With its amazing property to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, bamboo will make you love the way you feel. Its anti-bacterial property keeps you odor-free.

Lycra or Spandex – Lycra, known for its exceptional elasticity, offers additional strength required in maternity clothing. You can also move or bend flexibly in lycra clothes. Viscose lycra is considered a top fabric for summer.

Which fabrics do you need to avoid?

Synthetics – Synthetics like polyester, silk, and rayon get less creased but they make you uncomfortable by causing you to sweat more. You should try to avoid them or rather keep them for cooler days.

What about designs and prints?

To keep you cozy and give your baby bump some breathing space, you can prefer a-line, peplum, off-the-shoulder and empire waist styles. People will advise you to pick up loose outfits, but you can even put on some body-hugging silhouette to get a classy look.

Vintage floral prints are any day a superb pick, isn’t it? You don’t have to shy away from wearing any pattern or print. But you can choose stripes if you feel like highlighting your cute belly someday.

What colors can you opt for?

Colors that keep you optimistic and uplift your mood, since mood swings are quite common during pregnancy.

Black – Today black seems to have become everyone’s happy color. Along with adding sophistication, black makes you appear slim. It’s hide-ready, so you can get a bit more clumsy and let things spill on yourself.

Solid colors – You may prefer to pick your clothes in solid colors, especially jeans and leggings, as they allow you to pair them up with all sorts of styles and prints (and of course from not being caught that you are repeating your clothes).

But, don’t forget that gray, white and pastels, all beautify you equally.

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